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How I Clean Out My Closet Before Every New Season

I spent this past weekend organizing my at home office, purging my closet, wedding planning and watching a little football. This might sound like a miserable weekend to most, but for me, it was perfect.  Although I still have a lot of organizing to do, I woke up feeling really refreshed and about 10 lbs lighter. Purging and organizing takes such a weight off my shoulders!

To clarify, when I say purging, I wasn’t just aimlessly throwing clothes into bags and boxes. I thought about my closet, personal style and what kinds of clothes I want to keep vs toss. When it comes to my wardrobe I’m trying to focus more on versatile pieces that I’ll wear often instead of having a bunch of “stuff” that I’ll wear once or twice. To narrow it down here’s what I asked myself:

  1. Can I wear it at least two different ways? (with pants or skirt)
  2. Can I wear it for two different occasions? (work or girls’ night out)
  3. Can I wear it for at least two seasons (summer and fall)
  4. How many times have I worn this in the past year?

This helped me get rid of a lot. Of course, there were still be some pieces that weren’t practical or versatile by any means, but I kept them anyways because I know they’ll help make my wardrobe unique and more “me”. Keep in mind that it’s your own personal style, so you make the rules. Those questions worked for me but yours might be different! You don’t have to get rid of something just because its 5 years old and deemed “out of style” by Vogue.


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This skirt and top were two pieces that I kept because they checked all the boxes I mentioned above. I bought this skirt during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and have been saving it to wear with boots this fall but realized I can wear it now too even with the warmer temps! You will definitely see this skirt make an appearance again and I’ll be sure to show you how I styled it differently for fall weather.

This is a perfect example of why I think it’s so important to clean out your closet before every season. Even if you don’t get rid of much or anything at all, it helps to rethink your closet and how you can re-purpose a piece for the next season. I also think it’s easier to put together a really great outfit when you have less to pick from, which is why I like to store my summer clothes during the fall/winter season. Having to sort through everything is pretty overwhelming!

If you haven’t started organizing/cleaning your closet for the fall season. I hope this helps inspire you to get started!

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