26 Things I’ve Learned Over the Past 26 Years

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This past Saturday was my 26th Birthday and it was truly an amazing weekend! I celebrated with my family and close friends. We all hung out on our rooftop had some delicious food (a la chef Ryan), wine, champagne, and Sweet Mandy B’s cake of course!

25 was an incredible year for me but also a really challenging one. Between getting engaged & wedding planning to moving in with Ryan and starting The Lovely Lo Down, I’ve learned and grown A LOT!  I’m feeling especially blessed after such a wonderful, relaxing weekend and wanted to share 26 things I’ve learned over the years – including many things I’m still learning!

  1. Not every day is going to be exciting. Be ok with the blah days.
  2. Family always comes first.
  3. It’s essential to invest in yourself.
  4. When your car makes really loud noises that don’t sound normal – take it in right away. Don’t wait.
  5. People remember who showed up.
  6. You need to celebrate and acknowledge the little wins and the good days.
  7. Giving always feels so much better than receiving.
  8. Be nice to everyone – you truly don’t know people are battling.
  9. Slow down & be patient.
  10. Anyone can be a pretty good cook you just have to find a good recipe.
  11. It’s also ok to have a bowl of cereal for dinner.
  12. Invest in experiences not things. Travel often.
  13. Don’t be afraid of rejection. If you don’t ask – the answer is always no.
  14. A hand-written note is always appreciated.
  15. Never stop learning.
  16. You won’t get fat if you take a week off from the gym.
  17. Chase your passion, not a paycheck…but benefits are really helpful and important.
  18. The wrong shoes can ruin an outfit.
  19. Your parents don’t always know what they’re doing but they definitely still know more than you.
  20. Don’t trust everything you see & hear. There is so much more than what people show on social media.
  21. Shopping definitely counts as cardio.
  22. Do not force yourself to do something you don’t want to do.
  23. Jealousy is a waste of time and so is bragging. Be humble and happy with what you have.
  24. Dry shampoo.
  25. Not everyone you meet will like you. That is ok, don’t try to please everyone.
  26. Don’t settle.
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