4 Reasons to Always Dress Your Best & For Yourself

….and don’t judge others for doing so!

If I had a dollar for the number of times someone has asked me why I’m so dressed up I’d be a millionaire! It’s something I’m self-conscious about every time I leave the house knowing I might be a little over dressed…are people going to think I’m incredibly high maintenance? over the top? a diva? arrogant? super into myself? too girly/feminine?

I’ll admit that there have been many times I’ve tried to alter my personal style to fit in with the event I’m going to. I always struggle to dress for occasions like Lollapalooza, sporting events, outdoor activities, etc….I’m not into festival wear, I hate how baseball caps look on me and I’ve yet to find a pair of pink hiking boots (although I do love my pink Hunter boots).

The reason I’m always a bit overdressed (like wearing a sundress to the Cubs game) is because I think it’s important to (almost) always dress your best! This is where the & for yourself comes in. Your “best” is completely up to you, your style/taste, and the message you are trying to send about who you are. Although our definition for what our “best” is may be different, the reasons why I feel it is so important applies across the board – here are a few.

  1. Dressing well is a form of good manners: This Tom Ford quote really resonated with me. I think that dressing up properly shows that you put the effort in to be where you are. Whether it be work, a friend’s party or a date showing up looking like a slob or not like yourself kind of screams that you really didn’t put the time in and might give off the vibe that you don’t want to be there. I think dressing for the occasion shows a sense of respect towards whoever is hosting or joining you.
  2. You never know who you’re going to meet or see: So cliché but so true! I remember the day I had an unexpected opportunity to meet my all-time style icon, Olivia Palermo and I absolutely hated my outfit that day. I was so angry at myself! I know it sounds stupid and materialistic but still to this day I wish I had worn something different for the photo I got to snap with her. Aside from meeting celebrities or style icons, you never know who you’re going to run into at the grocery store. What if you just had a job interview and run into your interviewer at the grocery store later that night looking like a slob?!
  3. It’s a form of self-expression: For most of our lives from school to the office we have to abide by a dress code so when the moment comes that you don’t have to abide by that dress code, take advantage of it! Most of what I wear on the weekends could be worn to the office but I do take the opportunity to add in some cutesy accessories and try out new trends that aren’t office appropriate or I don’t feel comfortable wearing to the office just yet.
  4. It forces you to take care of yourself: Self-care is something that people don’t always make time for these days. Dressing well is definitely a form of selfcare. Sometimes putting on a cute outfit that you feel comfortable in is easier and less time consuming than washing, blow-drying and curling your hair. So on days that you don’t have time to get all dolled up, throw some dry shampoo in your hair and spend a few extra minutes picking out a cute outfit. I truly believe that dressing your best helps you feel your best!

I usually feel my best in a dress and flats like this look that I wold wear for just about any ocassion from the grocery store to the office and maybe even a cubs game if I could swap my oxfords for some converse! If you love dresses like me – check out my favorite shirt dress/drop waist dresses below. They are super comfortable and adorable all year round!

I do want to end this post by saying there are many, many moments when I run errands with wet hair and a hat, go to target in my PJs or spend an entire day in workout clothes with post-workout hair – we all do and that is totally ok!

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One thought on “4 Reasons to Always Dress Your Best & For Yourself

  1. thank you for sharing this advice! i can very much relate and it’s a topic that not many people even mention. you made some great points and i couldn’t agree more. i do in fact feel self conscious at times when i’m “too dressed up” or when i’m going to be with people that normally dress casual and i want to dress up. But this post has inspired me to not mind what others will think and just do what feels right for me… which means dressing up without thinking twice! 🙂

    emily G. | http://www.emilygodoy.com

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