5 Easy Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

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Despite that fact that we’re already halfway through January, it feels like the worst of the winter weather is just starting here in Chicago. I’m so thankful that we had such a mild November and December, but it makes me nervous that the winter season just end up lasting longer. These next few months are typically pretty tough for me because I tend to get a case of the winter blues.

I thought I’d share a few simple, easy everyday things you can start doing now to combat the winter blues:

  1. Wear bright colors: This one is something I naturally do so it comes easy to me but if you’re someone who tends to wear a lot of greys and blacks, switch it up and wear a bright color. If you don’t own anything bright – buy something! Its fun to try something new and the brighter colors will cheer you up as well as the people around you and after all what goes around comes around!
  2. Put together a happy playlist: My morning walk to the L is one of the most dreadful parts of my day this time of year. It’s usually overcast, freezing & snowing or sometimes sleet raining if mother nature really wants to be a bitch. I’ve created several “Happy Playlists” that I
  3. Start a new project: After sitting in an office all day the worst thing you can do is come home and just sit. Find a new project that you look forward to working on everyday when you come home from work, running errands or whatever it is that you spend your day doing. It can be anything from knitting or painting to a puzzle or baking! I always find that when I’m feeling down, completing a new project helps to give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
  4. Get out of the house & get out of your routine: I’m a major homebody, an introvert and I love my routine, so I tend to avoid every reason to have to leave the house after I come home from work, especially during this time of year. However, this is probably the worst thing I could do for myself. I try to get myself to get out and do something at least one night a week to shake things up. It can be something as simple as doing a return or picking up some toiletries at Walgreens or something more fun like meeting up with friends for a drink or setting up a super casual stress-free date night for Ryan and I.
  5. Food for a good mood Did you know that some foods actually help fight depression and promote happiness? Pretty cool huh? I always love knowing the different benefits of foods and how the impact your body and mind! Here are a few foods that help boost your happiness:

                    Cherry Tomatoes








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