5 Things that Help Me Grow My Hair Out Long

Over the past few years I seem to go through the same cycle of chopping my super short (it gets shorter and shorter every time) and then deciding I want to grow it back out. After recently cutting my hair the shortest its ever been back in August, I thought I was going to keep it short for a while but turns out, I feel like having long hair again. Since I’ve done this a few times before, I know exactly what I need to do to grow a long and healthy mane. Today I’m sharing the top 5 things that help me grow my hair out.

Use a Wet Brush

A few years ago I started using Wet brush and I have never looked back! I literally have 5 different versions of their brushes because I always love trying the new ones they come out with! They are so gentle on your hair and don’t rip it out like other paddle brushes do which is really important when trying to grow out your hair. Although it’s called a wet brush, I use it on my dry hair to brush out my curls as well. It loosens up my curls just the right amount and give my hair some added volume. Wet brush recently came out with a new brush designed specifically for thick hair which I was so excited to try! The bristles are bunched together in clusters which helps to give the perfect amount of extra strength to work through thicker hair. The bristles are still super soft so they don’t hurt at all. In fact, they actually give you a really amazing scalp massage which is also great for stimulating hair growth!

Wash every three days

Until a few years ago I used to wash my hair every single day and was never able to get my hair to healthily grow past a certain point. Once I started washing my hair every three days or so, my hair became so much healthier and grew so much faster! My rule is to go as long as possible without dry shampoo and then the day after I use dry shampoo I wash my hair again. I highly recommend, this shampoo and conditioner. Nothing compares! Not washing my hair also resulted in me using a lot less heat on my hair which leads to my next point.

Use heat as little as possible

Washing my hair less definitely helped me not use heat as much but there are still instances when I can cut out using heat on my hair. When I do wash my hair I try to air dry my hair as often as possible. Usually I let my hair dry at least 80% of the way and then I’ll blow dry to style it. It also make a big difference to use a good quality blowdryer that doesn’t get too hot. This blowdryer is the one I use. I try not to curl my hair during the week and rarely ever straighten it. The only time I curl it is if I have a meeting, event or am shooting photos. When my hair isn’t curled I usually pull it back in a clip like this one! I try to avoid wearing a pony tail too often too because they cause a lot of breakage and those baby hairs around your face and on your neck!

Massage your scalp with castor oil

This is something I started trying more recently but I did notice that it helped quite a bit! Castor oil is supposed to be really good for hair growth so when I first chopped my hair I used castor oil to help speed up growth and get me past that “freshly chopped” phase. I definitely noticed that my hair grew a lot faster while keeping that healthy freshly cut feeling longer too. Once a week I massage it into my scalp an hour or so before I got in the shower and then washed it out with shampoo and conditioner. If anything it definitely adds some extra shine to your hair!

Take your vitamins

This is probably an obvious one but I really do think it works to take a hair, skin and nail vitamin. I love these gummies because I actually remember to take those each day. This was another thing I started doing back when I first really wanted to grow out my hair and I definitely think it made the difference in getting my hair to grow past the length my hair always seemed to stop growing healthily at!

Whether you’re trying to grow our your hair or not, these are all things that I’ve found help me maintain super healthy hair!

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