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A Few Easy Ways to Accessorize Your Kitchen

If you’ve been following along for some time, you already know that I’m obsessed with accessorizing my outfits. But what you may know know is that I’m also obsessed with accessorizing our home. I love changing out different rooms and spaces in our apartment for holidays and different seasons which is probably part of the reason I love Christmas so much – you get to go all out with the accessories. Anyways, today’s video is all about accessorizing your kitchen.

I think its easy to forget about adding some fun decor elements to your kitchen because we see it more as a workspace rather than a relaxing space. However, I think its incredibly important to add decor to your kitchen because for most people its where they spend a lot of their time and its also usually where everyone ends up gathering if you have guests over!

I shot this video in the early fall so you’ll see that the decor is a bit of a mix between summer and fall. These ideas are all easy to change out with the seasons which why I love them so much! For example, you could change out the faux flowers in the pot to seasonal colors and add some fun thanksgiving our holiday themed pillows on your barstools.

We’ll probably swap our topiary out for our mini faux flocked Christmas tree. If you don’t want to go that far, adding a red, gold or sparkly ribbon to your topiary will instantly make it feel more holiday.

As for this space, there are always so many adorable seasonal tea towels out there, especially for Christmas. If you want to get crazy you could have a different wreath for every season which could be fun or you could take my approach and add a ribbon to your wreath for the holidays!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and try a few in your own home. I’ve linked a bunch of options to shop below!



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