Fall & Winter

Accessory Obsession: Scarves to wear August Through October

I’ve had a slight addiction to scarves for many years that I’ve justified by the fact that I’m always freezing cold. Scarves are easily one of my favorite accessories to have on hand especially during the transitional seasons so typically if I see one I like I buy it, even if it’s a 90-degree day like today. I believe there are three types of scarves every woman should have a few of in their closet – silk scarves, light weight cotton or wool scarves and blanket scarves. I’m explaining how you can wear each style over the next three months as we transition from Summer to Fall. I’ve also linked a few of my favorites available now in each style below.

 August: Silk Scarves

Silk scarves have become somewhat trendy for younger generations in the past year or so but they are such a classic piece that you will get more and more use out of as you get older. I have purchased several silk scarves over the past year that are perfect for work wear looks when a statement necklace or earring is a bit too much. They are great for the summer months because they are super lightweight and often come in bright colors making them an easy way to dress up a simple summer dress. I’ll be wearing these on repeat throughout the month of August. You can of course continue to wear these throughout the year. A pretty silk scarf in jewel tones is prefect for a holiday party.

September: Lightweight Wool/Cotton Scarves

Although it’s usually still pretty warm in Chicago throughout the month of September, we start to mix in cooler mornings and evenings and a lightweight wool scarf is something I always have on hand. I look for styles that are a bit wider (but not quite a blanket scarf) so I can use them as a wrap or shawl. I love finding pretty prints that instantly make a simple t-shirt and jeans look a little chicer. I also have a couple solid colors on hand for more formal events like weddings instead of a sweater.

October: Blanket Scarves

Its crazy to think that blanket scarf season is almost upon us. October is usually the time of year that I pull mine out of storage and start layering them with sweaters and shift dresses. A blanket scarf can easily keep me as warm as a wool sweater but is so much lighter and less itchy to wear! There are always tons of pretty plaid prints out there that make them super versatile and easy to rotate between outfits from the first days of fall through the final signs of snow.

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