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At Home for the Holidays

Happy December! Can you believe that Christmas is in less than 25 days away?! To kick off the month of December and the holiday season, I’m sharing our Holiday home decor with you today. I love adding seasonal touches to our apartment throughout the year but nothing is better than decorating for Christmas. Not going to lie, I had our decor up the week before Thanksgiving. I just feel like there’s not enough time to enjoy it if we wait until after Thanksgiving!

Tree Skirt | Similar Decorative Pillow | Plaid Ribbon | Red Ribbon | Mini Faux Tree |

Similar Santa here and here

I’ve been helping Ryan decorate his place for the past few years and now that we live together, I couldn’t help myself and took our decor up a notch this year. Two of my favorite additions to our holiday decor are our stockings and tree skirt that I bought earlier this year. I like more traditional, classic Christmas decor which is why I went with Fairisle style. This year was also the first year I added ribbon to our tree and I’m obsessed. Its so easy to do and will make your tree look so much more full and festive. You can watch this video that shows you how to add ribbon to your tree.

Stockings | Stocking Holders | Lanterns | Faux Candles

I added a few additional festive touches around the fireplace to make our living room extra cozy for Christmas movie watching. I re-purposed the lanterns from our roof top and paired them with an amazing festive green arrangement  from Costco (my mom found it right after Halloween and told me to get one – they always have great Christmas stuff)! This new little vignette helped enhance that classic Christmas style that I love so much. How would you describe your Holiday Decor style? Classic? Modern? Glam? Comment below!
P.S. Ryan and I use these faux candles all over our apartment and I can’t recommend them enough. They are a bit pricey but totally worth it. They are so realistic looking -last time I entertained, I was moving them and all my friends started screaming thinking I was going to set my hair on fire.


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