Combat Dry Skin This Winter

No matter where you live, the winter months take a toll on your skin. The cold, dry air sucks out moisture and strips the skin’s natural protective layer leaving it to crack, peel and even bleed. This is why a full body skincare routine is so important especially as temps drop. As someone who has always been religious about moisturizing everyday, I’ve tried everything to keep my skin from drying out. I recently tried Necessaire Products and realized there’s a lot more to hydrated skin than just moisturizing everyday. I’ve been using The Body Essentials kit and can tell my skin is so much hydrated and healthy! I wanted to share a quick rundown of the three products I’m loving right now.

The Body Wash

Just like your face, the rest of your skin  should be cleansed and nourished with nutrients each and every day! The Necessaire Body Wash is delicate and packed with vitamins that keep your skin healthy and doesn’t dry you out! I’ve been using the Sandalwood scent and it’s subtle but so lovely! I can’t wait to try the other scents (eucalyptus and bergamot).

The Body Exfoliator

It’s no secret that exfoliation is the key to soft and healthy skin. During the winter months it’s important to exfoliate 2-3 times a week to get rid of any dry, dead skin laying on the surface and clogging your pores. The Necessiare Exfoliator is great because it’s not too oily so it doesn’t leave that greasy residue and it smells amazing!

The Body Lotion

Last but not least, The Necessaire Body Lotion is fluffy and creamy but not too heavy or greasy. It soaks into your skin quickly leaving you hydrated all day long! The body lotion is also packed with lots of nutrients that restore your skin while giving it a healthy glow!

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