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Blanket // Sherpa Quarter Zip Pullover // Jeans // Glasses 

There’s not much that I love more than getting cozied up at home on the couch especially now that the temperature has dropped below 50 in Chicago, the Christmas catalogs are starting to roll in and This is Us is back on TV! It’s officially hibernation season and I’m not upset about it at all! I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to cozying up at home so I wanted to share my tried and true favorites.

This faux fur blanket is my #1 no matter what I’m doing there’s about a 98% chance that I have this blanket with me. It is by far the coziest blanket I’ve ever owned and its also pretty heavy so it almost feels like a weighted blanket. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little anxious I’ll sleep with this instead of a down comforter.

My other all time favorite that comes in close 2nd is my fleece pullover I actually have two of the exact same one because I wear it so much. When I didn’t work from home it was the first thing I put on when I got home from the office. It’s so warm and cozy I don’t even need to put anything under it! J.Crew came out with a bunch of new colors this year and I’m very tempted to buy another!

Some of the other items that aren’t included in the photos are all some cozy J.Crew socks and my favorite fancy slippers. My feet are always freezing so I pretty much always have socks or slippers on when I’m at home. If I’m really chilly or if I don’t want to use my big blanket, I’ll throw on a scarf. This scarf from Anthropologie is my all time favorite and I’m so glad they keep bringing it back each winter. I have it in a taupe and pink and you bet I’ll be getting another color this year!

While I love my tried and true favorites, I’m always looking for new ways to cozy up at home! I’d love to hear what your favorite items for cozying up at home are.

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