Ease Into Fall

I was hoping to get something a little more exciting up for you all today but to be completely honest I’m overwhelmed. My anxiety has been pretty high the past few days and I’m trying to learn to go easy on myself. I’m sure you’re wondering how I could have so much anxiety after a weekend in wine country….well I’ve been on overdrive all summer and was thinking things would slow down after this trip but one look at my calendar for the fall season and my head started to spin.

SO…with that being said, today’s post is featuring this easy comfortable look for all the ladies out there who are trying to figure out how they can find five extra minutes in their schedule to get dressed like me. The answer is simple – jumpsuits. I’m sure by now everyone owns or has tried on a jumpsuit at some point. If you tried one out a few years ago when they were just starting to trend and thought no….not for me I suggest trying again. There are so many new styles out now and they are a lifesaver when you need to quickly find a cute outfit. I remember when I first got this jumpsuit a few years ago before people actually wore them regularly, I was SO nervous to wear it and had no idea how to style it. Now it’s my solution to what to wear when I don’t have time to pick out an outfit..or pack for a trip to Napa. Isn’t it amazing how some trends that seem so out of the box at first just ease their way into our everyday style?!

Not only are jumpsuits easy to wear but they are also the absolute perfect piece for the transition from summer to fall. I wore this on a cool night in Napa and was perfectly comfortable…under a heat lamp of course! Anyways, I linked a variety of styles below that could be cute for everything from the office to girls night or a wedding!





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