Eight Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Essentials

When it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale beauty items, I tend to get a little carried away. There are always so many amazing deals on products and brands that never go on sale its hard to resist. If you’re still looking at trying out some new beauty products I highly suggest that you check out eight of my essential beauty items that are part of the sale! 




1. Cozy Robe

I get ready in a robe every morning even if I have PJs on when I get up I’ll change out of them and put my robe on. I think its so much more comfortable. I usually wear a light weight robe like this one in the summer months but I love getting ready in a big cozy robe in the winter. The robe I bought from the Nordstrom Sale keeps going in and out of stock so snag it if you see it available! It is truly the coziest robe I’ve ever owned and a really great price. This UGG robe is also part of the sale!. It is super soft and not as bulky so its something you can wear in the summer and winter months.

2. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

As much as I love to shop, I’ve never been one to over spend on products that I don’t think are worth it to spend a lot of money on, for a long-time deodorant was one of those things. I kept hearing so many people rave about the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant and couldn’t phantom spending $35 on something like this but one day the Sephora POS sale aisle got the best of me and I gave in to buying it. I’m so glad I did though! I honestly don’t know if I can go back to regular deodorant. I sweat a LOT and It does an amazing job of keeping me from sweating. Its also smells so good. It took me a bit to get used to it but once I did, all other deodorants smell terrible to me. With all that being said this deal of getting 3 for $65 is amazing and will definitely last me a full year!

3. Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set

I own the lip color in this Charlotte Tilbury lip set and am obsessed with it! Its such a great neutral color. Its that one color that I always have in my bag in case I need a touch u because it goes with everything and is a great every day color!

4. Giorgio Armani Glow Set

I don’t know much about this glow set but I’m really tempted to try it out because I am obsessed with the Giorgio Armani foundation. I use the luminous foundation that gives you a really glowy, dewy look. Its super light weight but you really only need a little bit of it. Although its pricy it will last you a long time! If you have a foundation you already love and don’t want that dewy look every day, I suggest trying out this glow set!

5. Dermaflash 2.0

I wrote a lengthier blog post about this beauty tool a few weeks ago so if you want the full rundown, you can read that here. To give you a quick rundown, you may have heard of this tool as the tool that takes the peach fuzz off your face but it really does so much more than that. I truthfully don’t really have any peach fuzz on my face and can tell a huge difference in my skin every time I use it. My skin is softer than I could ever image! The main benefits of the Dermaflash are that it remove the top layer of dead skin cells removing any excess dirt sitting on your face while also initiating skin cell renewal. It also helps allow the products you put on after use soak into your skin better. I’ve recently invested in some pricey skin care products so I want to make sure my skin is soaking up every last ounce of that stuff!

6. neuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum Duo

The past few months I’ve been doing tons of research on beauty products so that I can look and feel my best on my Wedding day and all the events leading up to the big day. One of the products I continually saw people rave about is this eyelash serum. Although I’ll probably wear false lashes on my Wedding day, I still have tons of other wedding related occasions where I won’t be so I wanted to do something to enhance my eyelashes. Again, I’ve never been someone to spend money on something if I cant tell that its 100% worth it and I promise this is. I’ve been using this serum for a couple months and I have noticed a HUGE difference. My eye lashes are so much longer and fuller. I really wish I had done a before and after but I honestly didn’t realize how much this would help. Its definitely pricey but so worth it!

7. Glam Glow Clear Skin Set

This is something that Ryan and I actually both use so if you’ve got a guy in your life who likes to take care of our skin, you can split this one with him! I love researching and trying new face masks and Glam Glow has been one of the best on the market for a while. I really only use it a few days before a special event or when I can tell my skin needs a big pick me up so I still have the jar that I bought last summer. It will last you a while!

8. Glow Pro Mirconeedling Regeneration Face and Eye Set

This is another tool I talked more about in this blog post. It is different from the Dermaflash in the sense that this tool does not remove any hair or the dead skin/dirt on your skin. However, it does stimulate skin cell renewal which is essential to keeping your skin looking young and blemish free. It also pokes tiny holes in your skin (it doesn’t hurt at all) that will really make sure all those fancy, expensive products are really soaking into your skin. My favorite part about the Glow Pro and BeautyBio Science in general is that they have tons of products for different needs to so its really easy to figure out what you need to be using with the Glow Pro device to achieve the results you want!


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