Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About my Eyebrows

Today’s post is all about one of my most asked about topics, eyebrows! I briefly mentioned how I fill in my eyebrows in this post but I have a lot more to say about them…I know seems a bit shocking that I’m dedicating an entire post to eyebrows but its serious business.

I have had a love hate relationship with my eyebrows since I was 16. It all started the day before my 16th birthday when I thought I decided clean them up a bit for my bday celebrations. My mom was horrified when I came downstairs to see that I had plucked about half my eyebrows off.

The best thing that that happened to my eyebrows was that I went to college. I don’t really remember doing much to them in college. Since I couldn’t easily access a waxing salon and was too terrified to touch them myself, I got them waxed every so often when I went home for breaks or long weekends. At some point I also started using this eye pencil to fill in bald spots where my eyebrows were starting to grow back in. By the time I graduated my eyebrows were back to normal. So what I can tell you from this experience is if you are trying to grow your eyebrows back in

  1. DON’T touch them.
  2. If you can’t resist and need to clean them up a bit, pencil in your eyebrows to how you want them first and then touch up the places that aren’t penciled in.
  3. Be patient, it will be worth it.

I have pretty thick dark hair so naturally my eyebrows are the same – thick and dark. For a period of time I wanted really thin, eyebrows with a high arch like some of my friends but thankfully have realized to embrace my own eyebrow shape and style because it looks the most natural. This is tip #4: figure out your natural eyebrow shape and embrace it. If you’re trying to get back to your natural eyebrow shape, I suggest finding a great esthitetion, not someone at a threading or waxing salon, to start out and ask them what your natural shape is and they will help you get there. This leads me to my next topic, maintenance.

I get my eyebrows threaded every two weeks or so. Now that my eyebrows are pretty close to the shape and fullness that I want, I do go to a threading salon as opposed to an esthitetion because its cheaper ($9) and I’m just getting them cleaned up as opposed to trying to get them back to their natural shape or fullness. My hair grows really fast so I need to go often but you may only need to go once a month or even less. Here are a few reasons that I like threading

  • Threading lasts much longer than waxing
  • It gives my eyebrows more of a squared shape that I like
  • It gets all the little hairs that you sometimes miss when waxing
  • Overall I think the end product just looks much cleaner.

Here is why I don’t like threading

  • It does make me break out sometimes – I try to wash ALL my makeup off before I go each time and that has helped a bit.
  • Its definitely a little more painful but you do get used to it.

Now on to filling in. You can see in the photos above that I clearly fill in and shape my eyebrows. Many people ask me if I got my eyebrows microblded…the answer is no but I am considering it. I feel naked if I don’t fill my eyebrows in and I think that microblading will save me a ton of time

I use a brush and powder to fill my eyebrows in. I love this method because I feel like I have a lot more control over color, thickness, etc. I’ve learned that the brush is more important than the powder. I use this Anastasia brush that is fine and thin but has enough texture to it to make hair like strokes. The little brush at the end is my best friend. I use the Anastasia powder duo in soft brown. This combination has worked so well for me for so long I don’t think I’ll ever even consider trying anything else. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect combination for you. My sisters are blondes and they have much better luck using a pencil.

The Fill in Process..

  1. I always do my brows after I’ve done all my concealer and foundation
  2. I start by gently tapping/rubbing/dabbing the brush on an angle in the exact middle of the powder palate so that I get both colors on the brush.
  3. I outline the shape of my brow starting at the middle and going back leaving the front untouched.
  4. I fill in bald sots on the back half of my brow with the remaining powder on my brush and blend in the line I created to shape my brow.
  5. Usually I’ll take a tiny tiny bit more powder on my brush
  6. Very gently, I fill in the front portion of my brows but try not to shape this part too much to keep them looking more natural.
  7. Then I finish the rest of my make up!

This is probably more information than you could have ever wanted to know about eyebrows! If you do have any more questions feel free to comment below!


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