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Favorite Cookbooks

This is kind of a funny post for me to be writing because I never actually cook – I usually just pick the recipe and Ryan does all the work but my mom always says that the trick to getting good at cooking is finding great recipes so I guess I can take some credit. Ryan and I are both trying to eat really healthy so we’ve been doing a lot more cooking. I thought I would share a few of our favorite cookbooks that we use often.

The Skinny Taste Fast & Slow by Gina Homolka 

This has been our #1 go to lately. If you haven’t heard of Skinnytaste, you’re missing out! Gina Homolka has so many amazing, healthy recipes. Ryan and I started with her fast and slow cookbook because we love using the slow cooker especially during this time of year. We just bought her original cookbook last week and I’m so excited to start trying out those recipes. I love her books because they include all of the nutritional info for each recipe.  If you don’t feel like investing in an entire cookbook just yet you can also check out her website. There are TONS of amazing recipes on there as well.

A few of our favorites from her website include:

Lasagna Soup

Slow Cooker Beef Meatballs

Turkey Stuffed Peppers

The Dude Diet by Serena Wolf

My Aunt is a friend of the author of The Dude Diet and told me about this book. I immediately ordered it for Ryan’s as a birthday gift. Unknowingly, she also sent me a copy of the book as a surprise.  It was so funny both copies showed up on the same day – I was so confused I thought I had accidentally ordered two! Anyways, if you and your guy are always fighting over making something healthy vs something hearty and delicious – this book is awesome. The Dude Diet is the healthy version of every guy’s favorite foods – think wings, nachos, cheeseburgers, etc. This is PERFECT for hosting co-ed football season parties. Ryan and I recently tried the Cheeseburger quinoa bake and it was delicious. It also makes a ton so we had leftovers all week. If you want a sneak peek of this book you can try that recipe out here. 


Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain 

This cookbook is not necessarily healthy and also probably not for beginners like Ryan and I  but, if you want a challenge and like crazy weird foods you should definitely check out Anthony Bourtain’s cookbook. Ryan and I have only tried one recipe so far – the pasta with clams- and it was AMAZING…it was actually pretty simple to make too. However, most of the other recipes have quite a few ingredients and most need to be bought at specialty stores which is why it can be tricky. I think it would be really fun to get a group of people together and try to make a couple of the items in this book. He has a whole section on Thanksgiving – I’d love to host an Anthony Bourdain friends-giving…

Our Moms!

Ok sorry this is so cheesy of me but honestly I’m always calling my mom for recipes that she made for our family growing up. My mom is really great at entertaining and ALWAYS has a new salad recipe or appetizer to share. Whenever I’m stuck on what to make or bring to a party I always give her a call. Some of my favorite recipes of hers are her lasagna, bacon wrapped shrimps, stuffed peppers and this delicious, healthy dish that combines chicken, arugula, sun dried tomatoes and a little goat cheese. I’m sure I’ll post some of these recipes in the near future.

Ryan’s mom and grandma also both have some amazing recipes. His mom is Cuban and I have loved trying some traditional Cuban dishes. One of my new ALL TIME FAVORITE foods is Picadillo. I’ll share the recipe that Ryan and I use sometime in the future. Another one of my favorite foods is grilled shrimp. Ryan has been working on perfecting his shrimp marinade which he learned from his grandma and hes getting pretty close to perfecting it.

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