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It was exciting to hear that so many of you guys were interested in seeing more home decor content on the blog! As most of you know Ryan and I recently moved into a new home so we’ve have quite a few home decor projects in the recent months! Since there’s a lot that goes into home decor I wanted to break up this up into a few different posts. Through the process of moving into a new home and doing lots of furniture shopping I learned a good amount about investing in some of the larger ticket items like beds, dressers, kitchen tables and sofas from big name brands so I thought I’d start there! The three that I looked to furnish our house were Pottery Barn, Arhaus and Restoration Hardware.

We definitely buy furniture from quite a few other places like Wayfair, One Kings Lane, Lulu and Georgia and others but for the bigger ticket pieces I wanted to be able to see and feel fabrics and test things out which wasn’t possible with online stores. In a future post I’ll share more about the kinds of things I find at online stores from console tables to lamps.


Coffee Table // Similar Faux Orchid // Rug

In my opinion, a lot of Pottery Barn’s furniture is a bit on the the coastal/rustic side which isn’t really my style. However, they do have a good amount of simple, classic pieces that work well in a casual, everyday space. We have this coffee table in our family room and love it!

I also feel like Pottery Barn’s furniture can be on the bulkier side which is great for a large space but it didn’t work well for us. For example, we liked the York Roll Arm sofa but it was a little too bulky for our family room. There was just a lot going on with the design and it felt like too much since that space is a little smaller. I also didn’t think their sofas and chairs were as comfortable as some of the others we tried, in fact some were almost uncomfortable, but this is a very personal opinion.

One major plus I found with Pottery Barn is that they have SO many fabric choices for things like sofas, ottomans and headboards. As someone who is very particular about fabric and color I love the amount of options they offer. They do offer design services but I didn’t look into it too much because I knew their style wasn’t really the direction I wanted to go as far as furniture went.

Now, don’t get me wrong, while we didn’t get a lot of furniture from here, I do shop here a lot for decor! I’ll share more about that in my next post!


Arhaus Kimpton Sofa // Coffee Table // Spotted Pillows // Velvet Pillow

We haven’t bought a whole lot from Arhaus but I will say they have the most comfortable sofas! We have the Kimpton sofa in our family room and it’s like sitting on a cloud. If you’re in the market for a new sofa I HIGHLY recommend this one – I’m obsessed with it! I might buy the chair version for our bedroom because I love it that much. I was a little worried about how quickly it would wear in and lose it’s “fluff”  but so far it’s held up great. It still looks brand new and we spend a lot of time on the sofa!

One thing that I love about  Arhaus is that they are one of the only big box furniture companies that still manufactures almost everything in the US. All their pieces are manufactured in North Carolina, the center of the US furniture manufacturing. This gives me more confidence in the quality of their products and craftsman ship.

I would say Arhaus is somewhere in-between Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware when it comes to their style. Arhaus has a lot of items that are very similar to Restoration Hardware and they are more likely to go on sale so I always love checking out what they have regardless of what I’m looking for.  They also offer complimentary design services and their design team was really helpful in selecting a sofa that would fit well in our family room.


Maison Nightstand // Jameson Fabric Bed // Salvaged Wood Dining Table // French Round Chairs

We bought a majority of furniture for our new home from Restoration Hardware for a few reasons. First, they have a pretty wide range of styles of furniture and a lot of it is a somewhat neutral style. I felt like I could go with a dressier or more casual vibe using the pieces I picked and that I’d be able update rooms without having to replace some of the bigger ticket items in the future. The other reason was that I felt like their design services were going to be the most helpful and they really were amazing. We already had an RH Membership which you do need in order to get the styling services but it was totally worth it especially because we were furnishing full rooms and needed help with layouts and measurements. We definitely didn’t buy everything the designer suggested but it was SO helpful go have someone who could help us put things together. The other bonus of the membership and a reason we got a lot of stuff at RH is that there is special pricing for members that’s actually some of the best pricing I saw on any furniture out there.

There were a few downsides to working with RH. One was that I didn’t feel like they had a ton of options when it came to fabrics for things like sofas and chairs. The sofa we had in our apartment was from there and  I’m not a fan of their linen weave standard fabric. It’s not super comfortable and I don’t like how it looked after some wear. The only other option other than the linen fabrics was leather or velvet so that was a downside for me. Overall though, I’m really happy with the furniture we ended up with – the quality all seems good so far and the design services were so incredibly helpful and worth it! Since we bought quite a bit from here, I outlined it all in the collage below!

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