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Moving to the suburbs has really opened up my eyes to the world of gardening and its quickly becoming a new hobby of mine! I recently wrote a blog post about what I’ve already learned about potted plants but today I’m going to talk about exterior landscaping and give you guys a recap of the garden tour I shared on Instagram stories yesterday!

It may seem strange to talk about gardening when we’re already so far into summer but this is actually a really great time to take a look at your landscaping and garden and think about what changes you want to make for the next year. This is not only because you can truly see what areas need more greenery but the Fall season is actually a really ideal time to plant new perennials. It allows the plants to get settled and establish their roots so that the following year they’ll ready to bloom nice and big! You just want to make sure you get any new perennials in before the ground freezes!

With that being said, I figured it was a great time to share a tour of our garden that was done by a professional landscape architect. I did a walking tour on my stories the other day but wanted to recap everything here as well! Below I’m sharing a photo, the name and a little info about most of the perennials have growing in our backyard for anyone looking for ideas for their gardens!

Panicled Hydrangea

Exposure: Sun – Part Sun  Blooms: July – September

Meadow Sage

Exposure: Full sun Blooms: Late Spring – Late Summer

Chinese Astilbe

Exposure: Partial sun/shade  Blooms: Early summer – late summer

Garden Phlox

Exposure: Part – Full Sun Blooms: Mid – Late Summer & Early Fall

Whorled Tickseed

Exposure: Full Sun  Blooms: Late spring – Early Summer

Mother of Thyme

Exposure: Full sun – partial shade Blooms: Late spring – Early Fall

Late Purple Aster

Exposure: Sun – Medium Shade Blooms: August – October


Exposure: Full sun – Full shade Blooms: July –  September

Purple Cornflower, Daisy & Black Eyed Susan

Exposure: Full Sun Blooms: Early Summer – Fall


Exposure: Full Sun Blooms: Spring – Late Fall

Dense Blazing Star

Exposure: Full Sun Blooms: August – September

Wild Geranium

Exposure: Full Sun – Shade  Blooms: April – July

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