Getting My Skin Back on Track with Open Formula

My make up free skin right after my facial!

I’m so excited to share a new skincare company with you guys today! Open Formula offers clinical skincare that is clean, approachable and affordable! To put it simply, Open Formula is a skincare club that sells skincare products with clinically proven ingredients at high concentrations for the exact price it costs to make each product. So, there are no hidden ingredients, they are cruelty free and come with no crazy price markups.

As someone who wants to take good care of their skin but feels overwhelmed by all the different kinds of products on the market along with the expense that comes with most skincare products, Open Formula is a dream come true!

To give you a little bit of back story on my skincare history I’ll start with right after Ryan and I got engaged. Feeling the pressure to get my skin wedding ready, I invested in tons of really high end skincare products thinking they would give my skin an extra glow, reduce dark spots and wrinkles and and keep me from getting stress breakouts. Unfortunately the exact opposite happened. I started to have the worst skin of my life! On top of it, I’m a huge pimple picker so I started to get some serious scaring and dark spots. After countless dermatologist visits, I finally went on some acne medication, went back to the basics and got rid of all the expensive skincare products to stop anymore breakouts from happening.

With the wedding behind us, I really wanted to start introducing some new anti-aging products into my routine. After my unfortunate pre-wedding experience with pricy anti-aging products I have been so nervous and confused about where to start and what brands to try. I was really not looking to spend tons of money on something that would just flare up my acne or eczema again either. Enter Open Formula. When they reached out to work together, I was so excited because they are exactly what I was looking for! Their products are SO straight forward so I don’t have to read any tiny fine print to figure out what I’m putting on my skin and if it’s going to irritate it. I also love that the prices are so affordable because I’m so much more likely to use the products consistently when I know I’m not going to have to pay $100 to refill each one.

I recently visited their corporate headquarters to learn more about their products and got to try a few out! The three that I’m absolutely loving right now are the oil cleanser, hyaluronic acid moisturizer and their eye cream. I haven’t had a single break out and my skin feels better than ever before. They have so many more products I can’t wait to try and share with you.

If you’re interested in becoming an Open Formula member its just $8 a month and once you’re a member, the skincare products are between $3 – $5 which is a STEAL (I don’t have to tell you that though!) I’ll be sure to share updates as I continue to try new things from their line!

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