Gift Guide for the Guy in Your Life

I don’t know about you, but I always have such a hard time buying gifts for guys, especially Ryan. He’s pretty picky and has just about everything you can think of (x2) so I thought I’d pick his brain for a fun gift guide featuring some of his favorite things. One of the things I admire about Ryan is that he does his research when making a big purchase, so I can assure you that these suggestions will make great gifts for any guy in your life!

  1. Camel Topcoat: A classic camel topcoat looks great on just about any guy which is why I love this gift. I got this exact one for Ryan a few years ago and he wears it all the time with just about anything from dress pants to distressed denim. It will go with just about anyone’s style.
  2. Jones Golf Bag: Ryan has been very into golf lately so I asked for one of his favorite golf products and he didn’t have to think twice before mentioning this bag. I don’t know a whole lot about golf bags but this brand makes nicely structured classic pieces with a modern edge.
  3. Lace Up Boots: A great pair of lace up boots make a great gift for any guy especially during the winter months. There are so many styles out there that come in at just about any price point!
  4. Adidas Ultraboosts: This gift idea was also on my gift guide for a girl on the go. I would honestly recommend these for anyone who is remotely active (and by that I mean they go to the grocery store). They are literally pillows for your feet.
  5. Jabra Headphones: For anyone who is anti-Airpods, these headphones are great alternative. They have grips on them which makes them great for someone who is active or has a hard time getting Airpods to stay in their ears and are just as great if not better quality.
  6. W.L. Weller: The only thing I know about Whiskey is that a nice bottle makes a great gift for a guy. Ryan suggested this one which is apparently made at the same distillery as Pappy Van Winkle –  aka the really good stuff. So if your guy asks just mention that is similar to Pappy and he’ll be impressed.
  7. Ferragamo/Hermes Tie: A nice tie is always a great gift for anyone from your significant other to your dad or grandpa. Hermes and Ferragamo both make beautiful ties. I am partial to Hermes because the always have such fun and creative prints! This is a fun gift to give your guy every year so he can have a collection of cool ties and he’ll always think of you when he gets dressed up!
  8. Bomber Jacket: For someone who is a little more daring with his style a great bomber jacket is a style staple. These look great with jeans and a t-shirt and is a little more unique than a blazer or sweater.
  9. Common Projects Sneakers: This is one of Ryans favorite pairs of shoes. They look great with pretty much anything and actually look even better after they’ve been scuffed up a bit.
  10. Anything Lululemon: If the men in your life haven’t been introduced to Lululemon you’re about open up a whole new world for them. If they have been introduced to Lululemon then you know you can’t go wrong with anything from Lulu from pullovers and pullovers to shorts and even socks!
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