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Home Decor from HomeGoods | October Edition

I grew up in a very festive house hold. My mom is definitely one to go over the top when celebrating just about any occasion and I’ve come to realize that I may have adopted a bit of that trait from her. I used to wonder how she had boxes and boxes filled with seasonal décor from Halloween to Easter and of course Holiday. Every occasion has several storage boxes dedicated to décor. However, now that I have my own place, I completely understand! Seasonal/holiday décor is ADDICTING to shop for.

During one of my routine visits to HomeGoods a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist some of their adorable Halloween décor. Instead of going overboard and turning my apartment into Halloween Express, I limited myself to just a few categories.

Quick P.S. before I go into my faves – if you’re looking for a great fall scent THIS pumpkin candle is THE BEST! And once you burn through it this fall season you can use it as a decorative dish for holiday!


these are a super cheap and easy way to add décor to your kitchen or bathroom. HomeGoods had some really cute ones this year but I’ve also linked up a few of my favorites below. The absolute BEST place for decorative dish towels has to be Anthropologie. My mom got my sister and I this cute one that I’m obsessed with J To make it a little less cheesy I like to add a couple towels with a basic print like this cute orange gingham one.


This is a tradition that my mom started with me when I was in college that I’ve carried into my own home and even at work. When I was a freshman living in the dorms, my mom was worried I would be too shy to make new friends so she bought me a candy bowl and a year’s supply of candy. She wrote a note a note on the whiteboard on my door that said “come in and say hi, we have candy” sure enough people came looking for candy all the time. You can always find cute seasonal candies to put in a candy bowl which makes for another easy way to add a little touch of décor around the house –  especially at Halloween and the Holidays.


This is something that I’m not the best with but I love having seasonal florals around. I love having mums around in the fall. Trader Joes sells these super cute baby mums that are perfect for decorating indoors. They can sit on the mantle or on the kitchen counter. For someone like me who doesn’t have a front stoop to decorate – these are the perfect way to bring some fall florals into your life.


This is a pretty generic category and something you can get really creative with but have to be careful not to go overboard on. I think the best rule to follow is to make sure you stick to the same style and color scheme as your home décor so that it blends in. I found some adorable little fake pumpkins (I think they’re actually candles) at HomeGoods. They look super cute around and island counter top or on the mantle. If you can’t find any cute ones that you like – buy some small pumpkins from the grocery store and decorate them yourself! Check out pinterest for some cute ideas.

I’ve linked some items I’m loving that fall  into these categories below along with a few pretty fall wreaths and other seasonal home decor.

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