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How to Celebrate Halloween Without Dressing Up

I’m just realizing that this coming weekend is THE weekend to celebrate Halloween. I absolutely love holidays and any reason to celebrate something but since college, I’ve become pretty uninterested in Halloween. I have never been a fan of dressing up which probably explains things, but I must say I love all the sweets and festivities that come with Halloween otherwise – I’m all about spooky themed treats. If you’re feeling the same way that I am about Halloween this year, I’m sharing a few easy ways that you can still get in the spirit of things without going to a bar in a full zombie get up.

Photo & Creativity Courtesy of See Vanessa Craft

Photo & Creativity Courtney of

  1. There’s nothin like some good music to get you in the spirit. I didn’t really think Halloween music was a thing until someone played a Halloween playlist in my office one year! I’m sure Spotify and Apple Music will be feature Halloween playlist but if not, here are a few song suggestions to get you in the mood.
  2. Host a brunch or wine night and paint pumpkins with your girlfriends: My girlfriends and I did this a few weekends ago and it was SO much fun and way better than carving pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins, but all the gross guts that come with it can be a huge pain especially in a tiny apartment. We opted to paint pumpkins and embellish them with fun flowers and sequins. It was a blast! The best part of this is they will last longer and you can paint them with a fall theme to last you through to thanksgiving! Here are some fun ways that you can decorate your pumpkins!
  3. Host a Halloween themed wine night: Get together this weekend or on Halloween night with some girlfriends and have everyone bring a fun Halloween treat to enjoy while watching a scary movie or just catch up with each other – you put that Halloween playlist on too! My Halloween wine night menu would look something like this
    1. Mini mummy hot dogs
    2. Halloween snack mix
    3. Grave yard taco dip
    4. Snake bread sticks
    5. Peanut Butter Spider cookies
  4. If you’re just having a quite weekend or Halloween night with your hubby you can still have a fun Halloween date night in by making these cute Jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers (one of my favorite meals) for dinner and try out a spooky cocktail recipe to go along with a scary movie marathon.
  5. Last but not least, track down the closets pumpkin patch with hayrides or a corn maze for a fun post dinner activity to do with your significant other or girlfriends. These places always have all kinds of festive treats and drinks that make it a little more fun for adults. I think Ryan and I will try to stop by Jack’s Pumpkin Pop Up in Chicago!

Photo and Creativity Courtesy of Kroger

Photo Courtesy of Gina Zeidler

How are you planning to celebrate Halloween this Weekend?

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