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How to Make a Tea Pot Flower Arrangement

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I hope you all had a great weekend! It’s finally starting to look like spring is here to stay in Chicago. A few flowers are starting to sprout and I can see some buds growing on the trees. I just can’t wait for everything in our garden to grow in. In the meantime, I’ve been grabbing some fresh flowers on my grocery store runs and putting together little arrangements to enjoy in the house. This week I decided to re-create the tea pot flower arrangement I learned how to make at the MacKenzie-Childs event.

At the event we were able to select from a few different MacKenzie-Child’s “vessels” to create an arrangement in. I chose the white Flower Market Tea Kettle I love how you can play off of all those colors with a flower arrangement. I also have tea every night so when I’m not using it as a flower vessel I’m making tea in it! Flower For Dreams, an amazing floral company in Chicago, taught us the proper steps for putting together an arrangement so I thought it’d be fun to share what I learned at the event so you can try this at home too!

Also, with Mother’s Day coming up (May 10th) this would make an amazing gift. MacKenzie-Child’s has so many adorable tea pots that you could buy as a gift for your mom and fill it a pretty flower arrangement for a super cute gift presentation. If you’ don’t think she’d like a tea pot they also have several beautiful vases that you could use instead! I’m sharing a few of my favorites below along with step by step instructions on creating a quick arrangement.

What you Need:

– A “vessel” of your choice

– A pair of gardening shears

– 1 bunch of filler greenery – I used silver dollar eucalyptus

– 1 bunch of filler flower – I used white stock flowers

– 1 bunch of small flowers – I used yellow spray roses

– 3-5 larger “statement” flowers – I used chrysanthemums

* My grocery store has a section of flowers where you can get 3 bunches for $12-$15 so I usually pull from there. All my flowers were around $14 total. You can use whatever kind of flower you want – I just chose the best of what my grocery store had. You can also use any colors you like – I like using white with one pop of color!


Before you start make sure there is plenty of water in your tea pot. Make sure the tea pot handle is tilted back a bit so it’s easier to work around it.

Step 1 – Filler Greens

Trim your filler greens and start adding them into the tea pot one by one around the edges of the pot. You kind of want to criss cross the ends of the branches creating a web or nest inside the pot. This will act as a base to hold your flowers in place. You want your filler greens to be about the same height all the way around.

Step 2 – Filler Flowers

Next you want to trim your fillers flowers and start adding them in around the edges of the pot. I like to use odd numbers so I used three of the filler flowers. I put one in the back, one on the right and one on the left. Make sure to nestle the branches into your “web” so they stay in place on their own. You can make these all the same height or different heights.

Step 3 – Small Flowers

Now it’s time to start adding in your small flowers. I like to trim these to all different sizes so some are higher and some are lower. Start nestling them into the middle your “web” and along the sides. If they have a lot of leaves you can remove some. This is the flower you’ll use the most of. I like to use about 5 branches. At this point the arrangement will look as if it could be finished but it will be a little loose.

Step 4 – Statement Flowers

Now its time to add the statement flowers. I like to use 2 or 3 of these depending on how much room is left! Be careful when you’re trimming them so that you don’t make them too short. You can also make these a few different heights. This should be a tight fit – you may need to gently work them into your “web” to get them to stay in place

Step 5 – Touch Up

The last thing I do is go around the arrangement and trim off some of the filler greenery that looks a little too “wild” or too long. If i have some left over filler green I may also go in and add a few branches in the middle of the arrangement where space needs to be filled. I also will trim and prune any flowers that may have gotten smashed in the process. Then I put it out and enjoy!

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