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How I’m Getting into the Halloween Spirit

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Part of me was a little sad that I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year but I have honestly never really liked dressing up. Even as a kid, I would think about how I couldn’t wait to be old enough to stay inside and pass out candy. I guess I’ve always been kind of an old soul or maybe just really lame. Either way, that doesn’t mean I don’t love celebrating Halloween and getting into the spirit. I thought I’d share how I’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit.

Pumpkin Everything: If you saw my pumpkin pancake Instagram from brunch this weekend, I don’t even try to hide my basic-ness when it comes to pumpkin flavored foods. I go nuts for pumpkin everything. My daily pumpkin treat in the fall is Siggis pumpkin yogurt. I also go crazy at Trader Joe’s. They have just about EVERYTHING pumpkin flavored. Some of my favorites include this oatmeal, these crackers, and these pumpkin crisps.

Harry Potter: Believe it or not, I’ve never seen all the Harry Potter movies in full. I hate to admit this but they used to terrify me. When I tried to watch them with my friends back in the day I would end up closing my eyes half the time. I know it’s so embarrassing because now that I’ve started watching them they’re not scary at all, I actually LOVE them. Ryan is a huge fan as well so we started from the beginning and have been watching the movies the past few weeks which has been fun for this time of year

Talk A Walk: Ryan and I thought about going to a Haunted House this weekend. Although I’ve grown out of my fear of Harry Potter I’m still a big scaredy cat so a Haunted House is probably not the best idea for me. I honestly just can’t take it when things/people jump out at me! Taking a walk around the neighborhood and looking at decorations is much more my pace. My street is one of the major trick-or-treating streets in Chicago so we get THOUSANDS of kids. Everyone goes all out with decorations so I’ve enjoyed walking around my neighborhood and checking out everyone’s amazing Halloween décor. If you don’t follow me on Instagram I posted a sneak peek of my neighbor’s décor today.

Spooky Podcasts: I love listening to podcasts on the way to work so I looked into some spooky podcasts to listen to. I came across Lore which is a podcast that features real life scary stories and explores the darker side of history. I’ve always loved history so I really like that this series features historical tales as opposed to fictional stories. Lore also has two books as well as an Amazon TV Show. As far as scary stuff goes, I’m much better with listening to something rather than watching. Like I said, I just cant handle things jumping out at me. Anyways, now that I’m kind of hooked on this series I might keep listening even after Halloween is over!


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