Ireland Trip 2: Killarney, The Ring of Kerry & Dingle Peninsula

I’m excited about today’s post because it’s a recap of the first three days of our Ireland trip spent in/around Killarney. This was hands down my favorite part of the trip and my favorite area of Ireland that we visited.


The town of Killarney is quite small and quaint but you can certainly still have a lot of fun. It’s mostly made up of one main street with restaurants and shops. We stayed at Park Place Apartments right next to Killarney National Park which we hiked through to a gorgeous castle called Ross Castle on our first day. It’s a nice walk and a great place to start and stretch your legs after a long flight. After walking through the National Park we spent some time walking around town before going out for dinner and a fun night at the pubs.


We started our second day in Killarney learning about falcons and owls with Killarney Falconry. This one of the best moments of our trip and I highly recommend it if you’re planning to be in the area. We learned a lot about falcons which was much more interesting than I ever imagined. We also got to hold the most adorable owls!

After our fun morning with the falcons and owls, we started the long drive around The Ring of Kerry. This was something I have slightly mixed reviews on because although it was truly beautiful it was definitely a very long drive. There were other drives that I enjoyed much more, but The Ring of Kerry is definitely a must do when visiting Ireland. I also think it depends on the day so if you have the option, try to do it on a nice day and be sure to start early! There are several places that you can stop at along the way which you’ll want to build in time for. We stopped at Castle Cove Beach which has a beachside bar where you can grab lunch or a drink (if you’re not driving).


We had another great start to our third day in Killarney watching a Sheep Herding demonstration that ended up being another one of my favorite parts of the trip. The herding dogs were incredible and it was so fascinating to learn about how the dogs are trained and how they work. We also got to feed the sheep and horses on the farm which is a must in Ireland! There are several places to watch a sheep herding demonstration in the area. We booked ours through Dingle Sheep Dogs. They are located along the Dingle Peninsula on the way to Dingle from Killarney.

The drive from Dingle to Killarney was my favorite of the trip. There were so many gorgeous views along the way like the one below. It was also a much shorter drive than The Ring of Kerry. We spent the rest of the day exploring Dingle which is an adorable town whose mascot is a dolphin named Fungie. Dingle is made up of cute shops, great seafood and delicious ice cream!

Aside from all of the things we did in saw in Killarney during the day, the nights were just as eventful. We spent the evenings at a pub called John M. Reidy. We stumbled up on it our first night in Killarney and just kept going back every night because we had such a blast there. They have live music and several different rooms you can hang out. You’ll definitely want to stop in for a drink..or two..or three during your stay in Killarney!

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