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As someone who has trouble letting go of  pieces from my wardrobe,  I’ve learned to find ways to re-wear my favorite items in new ways as trends, seasons and life changes. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things about fashion and this outfit is a perfect example! I bought this skirt at the end of last summer and haven’t had a chance to wear it this year since I haven’t really gone anywhere this summer. Instead of putting it away until I have an event to wear it to, I decided to dress it down with some sneakers. This jacket is so old but it’s so me I’ve never been able to let it go. I have always worn it with jeans and tank to go out in the evenings so I decided to give it new life by pairing it with this on-trend skirt and sneaker combo. This outfit is a great ensemble for this time of year as temps cool down in the evenings and we all look for ways to give our wardrobe a casual edge.

I love this combination so much that I’m excited to look for more ways I can re-create it with things I have in my closet that I haven’t worn in a while! I’m sure you could pull a similar look together with your own wardrobe as well! I’ve included some more inspiration for you below with different kinds of jackets and color combinations to get you inspired or to shop! A lot of the items I’ve linked below will also be able to be transitioned from fall into winter too!

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Skirt // Jacket // Tank // White Sneakers // Black Sneakers

Shop the look!

Skirt // Jacket // Tank // Pink Sneakers // White Sneakers

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Skirt // Jacket // T-shirt // Gold Sneakers // Blush Sneakers


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