Looking Ahead & Staying Inspired

While 2021 has already been off to a rough start, I still have strong faith and hope that there is so much good that lies ahead in this New Year. That doesn’t mean I think that we’ll be able to sit back and enjoy life as it used to be. It’s going to take some work but one of the best lessons that I took away from 2020 is that you really are the only one in charge of your happiness. So much of what happened in 2020 was out of our control so heading into this New Year, my main goal is to focus on what I can control. I’ve mentioned before that instead of setting resolutions I like to set an intention for the New Year and this year my intention is exactly what I that  focus on what I can control. Another mantra that I plan to focus on in the New Year is reminding myself that I am 100% in charge of my own happiness. I know its a hard concept to grasp when it feels like everything in the world around us is falling apart but when you really start to understand that you are in control of your happiness you start to look at your choices and decisions differently.

One of the biggest things that kept me from feeling like my happiest self in 2020 was that I felt so uninspired. Life felt mundane, repetitive, boring, sad, depressing and many other things. Unfortunately for a lot of the year I settled into the feeling that there was nothing that I could do about it because I was stuck on all the things I couldn’t control instead of focusing on the things I could control. Feeling inspired is something that is completely in our control so this year I’m going to make a point to seek out something that inspires me each and every day. The other thing that I have to remind myself is that inspiration comes from so many places other than the instagram in fact sometimes it can hinder inspiration (for me at least!). While I do love finding inspiration on places like Pinterest, blogs and online publications, that’s not enough for me these days. I’m now seeking inspiration through coffee table books, novels, podcasts, actual magazines that I can tear things out of, walks or drives around the neighborhood, DIY projects and experiments in the kitchen and more.

Now you’re probably wondering the point of this post. I don’t have anything to link to or anything to sell I just hope I’ve been able to inspire you a little bit to think about what kind of intention you want to set for the New Year or maybe think harder about the things in your life that you can control to make you happier and more inspired in 2021. I also wanted to share how I’m looking ahead at 2021 because it’s reflective of what you can expect to see on The Lovely Lo Down this year. I plan to share more of what’s inspiring me one the days that life is feeling a little dull, when I’m not getting dressed up or when I haven’t left my house in over a week in hopes that I will keep you inspired in 2021 as well.

For those of you who have made it to the end of this post, congrats and thanks for listening! xo






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