Loving Lately: Leopard Print


Sweater | Black Tee | Scarf | Denim | Flats | Similar Handbag

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful first weekend of 2019. Although I still haven’t gotten around to writing my New Year’s resolutions, I got a lot done this weekend. I may have actually pushed myself a little too hard yesterday. I was planning on sharing details about our New Year’s trip  to Palmetto Bluff but I was going non-stop from 6:30 a.m.  – 12:30 p.m. yesterday and when I finally sat down on the couch for a second, I felt like total crap! I’m trying to get better about listening to my body when it gives me signals that I need so slow down. So instead I had a relaxing night, gave my brain a little rest and decided to go with something a that’s much easier for me to write about and share – leopard print!

As I’m writing this I’m realizing its actually kind of fitting because this is a perfect outfit for those days when you want a cute outfit but don’t really have the energy or brain power to think up something super stylish. When I have super active Sunday’s like I did yesterday I usually let myself sleep in a little extra the following Monday and go with a super easy outfit.

A leopard print piece is a great go-to because the neutral color palate allows you to pair it with absolutely anything and its an easy way to add a little flair even a super simple pants and tee combo. This this cute leopard print cardigan which is currently on sale is super warm and really flattering so if you’re into leopard print I suggest adding this one to your collection. I also linked a ton of other leopard print styles that I love.

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