Make a Difference in your Community Today

Hello everyone! As I mentioned in my Instagram stories, it’s been difficult to figure out how to handle the conversation on COVID-19. There are a lot of opinions, an overwhelming amount of information and a lot of fear out there. Everyone is handling and coping with all of this in different ways. I’m trying to find the right balance so that I can share positive inspiration as well as information on how we can all help each other during this time of need.

I have been doing some research on the best ways to give back to the various communities we are all a part of and am sharing those ideas below. I am going to try to challenge myself to give back to each of these communities in one way each week and I hope that if you’re reading this post that means you’re looking to find some ways to give back too. Quite a few of these ideas don’t involve a financial donation – you can make an impact no matter what!


There are so many things that healthcare workers and all the other amazing people working on the frontlines need right now from high end equipment to something as simple as a granola bar and a piece of fruit to help them get through the day. Here are a few different ways you can give back to those who are working tirelessly to keep our country healthy.

Send Care Packages: If you know someone working on the front lines that you can send a care package to, get some friends together to organize a care package to help them out. If you don’t know someone, I found this great organization, Nurses Inspire Nurses, that organizes care packages. You can send a virtual note or physical note to be included in a package or purchase something from their amazon wishlist to be included in one of the care packages they send out! Their Amazon wishlist has a lot of great ideas on what to send if you’re putting together your own care package.

Send Healthy Meals: Many of the restaurants in my local community are offering the option to buy a meal for a local healthcare worker. This is an amazing way to give back because not only are you helping to feed the healthcare workers who are working extreme hours but you’re also supporting a local business.

Send an E-Letter: I mentioned this on my stories today but a friend of mine had a really great idea to send a group e-card to nurses. If you know someone working on the frontlines that you can send the e-card to and have them share it with their team it’s such an easy to support them and show your appreciation for all that they are doing. She used a resource called Group Greeting where you can create and send a group card!

Donate Supplies/Money for Supplies: As I’m sure you’ve heard on the news, there is such a high need for things like masks, gloves and other PPE (personal protective equipment) If you’re looking to make a monetary donation this is a cause that’s going to help in so many ways. You can donate to a specific hospital like John Hopkins or since New York is being hit the hardest right now you can donate to this NYC Health + Hospitals organization. You can also make a donation to the general COVID-19 response fund.


Pay for Missed Appointments: I’ve heard of some people who are still paying for their usual nail, eyebrow or hair appointments to help their favorite businesses out. You can also offer to pay them in advance for your next service with them which would also help them out during this time as well. This is of course not something that everyone is able to do which I completely understand!

Order Take Out: I mentioned this before but something to try to keep top of mind especially on the weekends! Even if you just pick one night a week to order food your local businesses need your support! You can also make it into a fun date night by setting the table nicely. I love what this dad did for his kids!! If you don’t want to eat out but know someone who is in quarantine alone, think about ordering a meal for them.

Grab a Gift Card for a Future Special Occasion: If you have a restaurant that you love to eat at for special occasions, think about buying a gift card now that you can use for a future occasion or a big celebratory dinner when we’re out of quarantine.

Shop Small Businesses Giving Back: While I know shopping is very low on peoples priority list right now but if you are indulging in some retail therapy consider shopping small businesses who really need your support to stay alive during this time too.


Donate to Food Banks: This is another high need cause that is really important to support right now. You can certainly make a monetary donation or while you’re at the grocery store think about picking up a few extra non perishable items that you can donate locally. To make a monetary donation Feeding America has a COVID-19 response fund.

Show Compassion & Say Thank you: There are so many other people working in essential industries who can’t stay at home and are worried about exposure. Be sure to show thanks to those people who are keeping as much normalcy as possible in the world during this time. This includes grocery store employees, your mailman/woman, your garbage man/women and UPS, Amazon and Fedex and other delivery teams.

Spread Positivity: Try to share positivity with your communities. Whether that be an uplifting story, a song thats helping you through this time, a quote or a funny video everyone needs to hear some good news these days.

Check in On Friends, Family & Neighbors: Think about all your friends, family and neighbors. This is such a great opportunity to reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with or don’t get a chance to connect with often. Think about those who are in quarantine alone and check in with them. And make a point to ask your neighbors if there’s any way you can help them – at a social distance that is.


At the end of the day, the very best and most impactful thing we can do right now is stay safe at home. Those of us who can need to do it for those who can’t.



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