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My Bachelorette Party Recap!

Flocked & Fabulous Balloons // Champagne Balloon

Today, I’m back tracking a bit to share (some) details from the amazing Bachelorette party that my sisters threw for me this past April. My sisters did such an amazing job making the weekend so much fun for everyone and came up with the CUTEST theme that couldn’t have been more “me”. While I’ve never planned a Bachelorette party myself, and actually had never been to one before my own, my big sister/MOH has been to quite a few and definitely knows how to throw one. I wanted to share some of the incredibly cute and simple things she did for me that made the weekend so perfect!

Location: Charleston & Isle of Palm

I have adored Charleston since the first time I visited with Ryan a few years ago. I’m definitely not a Vegas or Miami girl so I always kind of knew I wanted to have my Bachelorette in Charleston. It truly has the best of everything – great weather during bachelorette party season, beach, pools, shopping, awesome food scene and fun but not too overwhelming nightlife. We ended up staying in Isle of Palm where there are larger rental homes with pools that also offer access to the beach. Its just about a 20-30 minute Uber ride into Charleston and it wasn’t that expensive when splitting the ride with a group of girls! The house we stayed at was absolutely incredible. We booked through Exclusive Properties who I would highly recommend for any kind of trip with a large group. They have tons of stunning rentals that are huge & very nice. It was brand new and the decor was beyond adorable. Every room was finished to perfection and tied with a bow. It was super spacious which gave everyone room to spread out and it had a pool!  It slept 12 which was perfect for our group and it was only $175 per person for the weekend which is insane for how gorgeous the house was. Overall, I really loved being in a rental home because we could all be together for the entire trip as opposed to being in hotel rooms where we wold split up.

Monogram Straw Beach Tote // Bride Balloons // Custom Sun Hats // Custom Wine Tumblers

Theme: Flocked & Fabulous

As you may know I’m pretty girly so my sisters nailed this pink flocked and fabulous flamingo theme on the head. It’s really what made the weekend feel very special and very “me”. My sisters had my girlfriends distract me at the liquor store while they checked into the rental and set up all the adorable decorations! They brought everything with them in their suitcase and I had no idea what to expect – it was such a fun surprise! They had this adorable flamingo balloon set which they were able to pack and blow up themselves pretty easily when they arrived. You can also come up with your own phrase if you want using these letters. They had this “Bride” balloon set over the kitchen table as well which is super cute if you don’t want to have your own phrase. They had customized floppy hats for all the girls along with adorable rose gold custom wine tumblers for each girl which were perfect for sipping mimosas poolside. The cutest part was that we all got matching flamingo earrings (Similar here)!  They had tons of other cute goodies for me like the white headband I was wearing all weekend, these adorable heart sunglasses and a beach bag. I had a personal wedding shower so instead of playing the lingerie game, my sister had each girl pitch in for this amazing straw beach tote with my new initials on it!

Scallop Bikini (similar here) // Acid Washed Distressed Shorts (similar here) // Monogram Beach Tote // Heart Sunglasses // Similar Earrings // Similar Headband

Daytime Activities

During the day we really just woke up at our own pace and hung by the pool and had mimosas, mixed drinks and Truly’s. One of the days we played a fun drinking game where Ryan had previously answered a bunch of questions about our relationship, himself, me and our future. I had to guess his answer and if I got it right, my friends had to drink but if I got it wrong I had to drink. That was super fun and absolutely adorable to hear Ryan’s answers. My sister brought a polaroid which was also fun to take photos with by the pool. We thought about going into Charleston to do some shopping but we all needed some recovery time during the day. Another fun idea we considered was renting a boat which you can definitely do in Charleston!

Dress // Similar Earrings

Nighttime Activities

The first night we went out to Sushi at O-ku which was really delicious and perfect for a large group.  Afterwards, we just bopped around downtown Charleston to a few different bars that had live music. It was a Thursday night so the bars weren’t super crowded which was kind of nice. We didn’t stay out too late so we didn’t burn out too early into the weekend!

The second night we had dinner catered in with some fun games and activities at the house. We ended up going to a beachfront bar right by our rental on Isle of Palm called Windjammer and it was so fun! There was live music and outdoor patio and tons of other bachelorette and bachelor parties which made it a blast.

The third night my sister planned a cocktail/mixology tour for us which was was hilarious and a lot of fun. We visited three different bars where they each served us a special cocktail. Our tour guide was very very passionate about Charleston’s history so we did get some culture in as well! After that we had dinner at The Grocery. It was such a nice/cute restaurant and perfect for a big group. There were a few other bachelorette parties there as well. We ended the trip at the Windjammer again because we had way too much fun there the night before. It was the perfect way to end the trip!

Snacks & Food

I wanted to include a quick section on this because its really helpful to have all snacks and meals planned ahead of time especially when the weekend involves a lot of drinking. My sister is a genius and scheduled a grocery delivery from Costco to arrive around 5 PM the day we arrived so no one had to do the grocery run. She loaded us up with frozen pizzas, chips, salsa, all kinds of yummy dips, bagels, fruit, OJ, waters, you name it! You don’t even have to be a Costco member to order delivery so this is a must do! It was so nice to not have to worry about doing the grocery shopping when we got there especially since no one had a car. All we had to do was pick up the alcohol which is super easy! For lunch one of the days my sister had the nearby grocery store make a tray of pinwheel sandwiches which were perfect and we also ordered like 100 Chick-Fil-A nuggets for lunch one of the days. LOL! Just some ideas that might help make the weekend a little easier! I definitely suggest having lots of carbs and snacks available if you’re staying in a rental home and planning to do some drinking.


I truly owe everything to my sisters for putting together this absolutely perfect weekend and can’t wait until the day that I can throw each one of them a Bachelorette Party!



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