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Even with help from gift guides, it can be really tough to narrow down WHAT exactly makes for a great gift and if the things on the gift guides actually live up to the hype! To help you with some of those last minute gift giving decisions, I wanted to share a few of my all time favorite items that I promise will make really great gifts!

1. Blanket Cardigan

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to be cozy like I do, this is the gift for them! This cardigan is so incredibly warm and cozy but much nicer than a robe or hoodie. I’m always wearing mine around the house and I love to travel with it becuase you can wear it, use it as a blanket or a pillow. It also works nicely as a lightweight jacket on a fall day! This is definitely one of my favorite things in my closet, I may just have to gift myself another one this year!

2. Sonos Speakers

A Sonos speaker is kind of like the modern day gift that keeps giving all year long! Ryan and I just got the newest version of Sonos and we are obsessed! It’s connected with Amazon’s Alexa which we’er using way more than we ever thought we would and the nice thing about Sonos is that the sets are buildable so you can give them one speaker this Christmas and I promise you they’ll be asking for another one for their Birthday!

3. Tiny Dog Tag Necklace

This is one of my favorite gifts that I’ve recently received. My mom and dad got me these tiny dog tag necklace pendents for my birthday this year. I have an “R” for Ryan and and “L” for Lauren. They are such a sweet and special gift for someone who recently got married, for your wife or girlfriend or for the new moms in your life!

4. Little Words Project Bracelet

I have the “Be Happy” bracelet and get SO many questions about it. I love the Little Words Project bracelets as gifts for all the women because there are tons of different words to choose from so there is truly one for every woman in your life and they are all so inspirational. You can check out more about the idea behind The Little Words Project here. Its such a wonderful concept and truly makes for such a sweet gift!

5. Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

Ok this is a must have for all the parents, in-laws and grandparents out there! These digital photo frames are a great gift not only because your parents and grandparents can have an endless highlight reel of all their favorite photos playing but you and anyone in your family can email new photos to their digital screen at any time. You simply set up an email address for your digital screen and anyone can email photos to that address and they will automatically be added to the photo loop. It’s such a great way to share fun memories with family members near and far!

6. DJI Pocket 4K Video Camera

This is another great gift for in-laws especially if they’re getting ready or already grandparents. It’s also a great gift for new parents. This cute little video camera that literally fits in the palm of your hand takes 4K video. I know you’re probably thinking, why wouldn’t I just use my phone?! Well when it comes to lives really special moments you’ll want to have the highest quality camera possible to capture them so its worth it to have this on hand.

7. YETI Coolers

While pretty much any Yeti product makes a great gift for the guys in your life, this cooler is a great starter for the guy who doesn’t have anything from Yeti yet. It’s the perfect size that’s not too big to travel with but will keep enough beers cool for his backyard BBQs with his buddies.

8. The Coziest Blanket

While this is definitely another gift for someone who loves to be cozy, its really a great gift for anyone on your list! A super luxurious blanket like this is something that you rarely buy yourself which is what makes it such a great gift. What I love about it is that it has a substantial amount of weight to it so it almost acts as a weighted blanket. I honestly go and grab this on nights that I can’t sleep and it puts me right to bed. Its also really nice looking and holds up well.




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