Why Comfort Is So Important to Style

Wide leg pants have been a big trend for the past two seasons but its never been one that I pictured myself trying out. Despite the fact that they remind me of the insanely comfortable gauchos I lived in back in 6th grade, everything that I’ve read says that they aren’t the right style for someone with short, athletic built legs like me. I’ve always stuck to what I know flatters my figure best.

Now you’re probably wondering what got me to try out this trend. Well, right now, its the only thing that I’m comfortable in. I’ve been dealing with a chronic rash on my legs since October (right now the diagnosis is eczema). The first thing my dermatologist recommended was not to wear anything tight on my legs which means no jeans, yoga pants, tights, etc. Of course, this all had to start right when the temps started to drop, and pants became a wardrobe staple. I am able to wear jeans or tights when the rash isn’t bad or not present but as soon as it starts to come back, I’m back in my wide leg pants! It’s been pretty frustrating and challenging to wear a style that I don’t feel 100% confident in from a body image stand point, but I know that its what’s best for my skin and the only thing I feel physically comfortable in most days.

Through this, I’ve learned that comfort has a huge impact on your style. If you feel stiff in a blazer it’s going to show. If you are miserable in a frilly dress its going show. If you’re self conscious about your arms in a tank top its going to show. If you’re itchy in tight pants like me, its going to show. Having great style goes beyond the clothes you wear, and how you style them, it’s also about the attitude you exude when you wear a them. The way you feel in an outfit makes all the difference. I’m so much more relaxed and happier in wide leg pants when my rash is in full force and I know it shows!

There is so much pressure from society and social media telling you what to wear and how to wear it but I think its important stop buying into that all the time. Wear what you are comfortable in both from a body image standpoint and a body comfort standpoint and your style will shine through that confidence and comfort that you exude.

For those of you who are shorter but want to try out the wide leg pants trend because you wanna be comfortable too, I have found that wearing a tighter fitting top works best. Heels also make them look much more flattering – I’m just so over wearing heels all day at the office so I usually opt for a nude flat. I’ve linked a ton of cute styles below for you to try out!


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