My Take on New Year’s Resolutions


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Ok guys, my writers block has been all too real these past few weeks. I’m sitting in Starbucks trying to write this post on my lunch break after coming up with NOTHING last night and I STILL can’t come up with something to write about this outfit that I love and adore more than a little girl who loves her first princess dress. I’ve already moved my seat 3 times and can’t stop flashing dirty looks at the girls next to me because I keep thinking that everyone else is distracting me. Who am I kidding though, it’s not everyone and everything around me it’s the THOUSANDS of little voices and thoughts swirling around in my head that are causing the distraction – What resolutions I should be setting? What resolutions is everyone else setting? Can I make celery juice without a juicer? What’s the best way to organize my resolutions? Do I have an 8 a.m meeting tomorrow? Are my resolutions really realistic? How do I want to improve myself this year? Who do I want to be this year? What am I going to make for dinner tonight? How many of my goals should I have already started? Not to mention the lists and lists of all the little and big ideas I have in my head for the new year go on and on…Does anyone else feel this way and/or know at what point our brains explode?!

This is clearly what’s causing the blockage in my brain so I’m going run with it for today’s post. Hopefully what I have to say about this blockage can help out anyone who answered yes to the question above. For those of you who came to this post just for the cute pink jacket  the links are above for ya (BTW, the jacket is on sale, super cute on and insanely soft).

Now, back to what I was saying. I feel the social media stratosphere makes writing and planning for new year’s resolutions seem so simple and easy, there are all these templates and tools to help you organize resolutions and goals and write them out on pretty rainbow paper that’s going to inspire you. It’s like everyone is supposed to start the new year with a 50 page prelude full of robust resolutions followed by 365 pieces of fresh white paper and they’re ready to make 2019 “their year”. They’re carefully filling those fresh white pages with healthy eating plans, a new gym schedule, home organization plans, so on and so forth…

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here trying to find a free weekend before Valentine’s Day that I can take my Christmas tree down. Half the “pages” in my 2019 book are already overflowing, written on, scratched out, coffee stained and torn into a million pieces. I have a crazy year ahead (that is going to be absolutely incredible) and while I really want to make resolutions, right now I know I can’t promise myself how many times a week I’m going to make it to the gym for the rest of the year, or when I’ll have time to get around to re-organizing my pantry and as much as I want to give up drinking wine on week nights, I have a lot to celebrate this year plus yesterday was a rough day and I already caved and had a glass of wine and it was only Tuesday so I’m clearly not going to stick to that.

I’m realizing that all the craziness in my head, that blockage and noise, is a result of the overwhelming pressure I’m feeling to write a 50-page prelude filled with lofty goals, detailed out by the habits I need to break or pick up to achieve them that are then scheduled  down to the minute each day on that pretty fresh white piece of paper, but let’s be honest, that is ridiculous! We can’t write out what our entire year is going to entail and look like in one day, one week or one month! Plus 365 days is a LONG TIME. Shit happens people. Then what? Your entire prelude is fucked. What happens if you slip on ice and break your leg? How are you going to stick to that workout plan now? Break your leg or not, I think this method is just setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to be a pessimist and say you should plan for the worst and I’m definitely not saying that you shouldn’t have resolutions and goals. I’m just saying that I think we need to change the way we view our resolutions and goals.

Instead of making resolutions into a 365 day long to do list, I’m going to come up with a few mantras and intentions that will act as a guiding force as I write my to do list each day, as I put together my goals each week, and as I make new promises to myself at the start of each month.

I strongly believe that if you break it down and take it one day at a time, with the same mantras and intentions in mind to guide you, you will be far more likely to stay on course with what you want to achieve. You’ll also be far more prepared to adjust your plan as you go and take any hits along the way for 365 days and beyond.

This post has already gotten far too long so I’ll stop it at that and share my mantras and intentions for 2019 in a post to come!

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