Oversized Pink Sweater

Sweater (pink version found here) | Jeans | Bag | Shoes

If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE wearing color. While everyone is digging out their black, taupe and grey wardrobe for winter, I’m on still on the hunt for bright cozy sweaters and bold prints, which basically sums up this entire look.

I am so excited to share this look because this is the COMFIEST sweater in the world and so far, my favorite fashion find of the fall season. When I saw this sweater laid out on a table at Free People, I wondered who in the world would buy something like this. I seemed huge and very oddly shaped, but it looked cozy and I loved the color so I gave it a shot… I’m SO glad I did. It’s amazingly roomy and feels like you’re wrapped up in a huge cozy blanket. I think I literally just said this in my last post but it’s worth taking a few minutes to try something on if you’re not sure about it!

As I mentioned, the berry pink shade of this sweater is what initially got my attention. I don’t have anything like it and love how unique and bold it is. It looks amazing with denim, fall neutrals and my fave, leopard print! This pink version is a bit hard to find online but they had several in stock at the Free People store by Wrigleyville (GO CUBS!). You can shop all the other cute colors that are available here. I’m considering buying the white or black and I also LOVE the burnt orange. Also, I did find the pink version available in a couple sizes here. For your reference, I’m wearing an XS.


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