Park City Ski Trip Packing Guide

This year Ryan and I are taking a trip to Park City, Utah for a weekend of skiing (snowboarding for Ryan and I) with our friends! A quick fun fact – Ryan went CU Boulder and would snowboard 3-4 times a week in college so he is really good! Last year we went to Whistler and it was my first ski trip in a LONG time. I had a really hard time packing and trying to remember what I needed. My good friend who we were in Whistler with gave me the most genius travel tip. Every time you go on a trip make your packing list in your notes on your phone. While you’re on the trip when you realize you forgot something or think of something that would be helpful to have on your next trip add it to your packing list! I did that for our annual ski trip and it made packing so much easier this time around! Since I feel like I’ve got a good handle on my ski trip packing list, I wanted to share for anyone else planning a ski trip this winter!

Snowboarding Packing List

This is always the hardest part for me. I usually find myself trying to remember how many layers I wore and what part of my body was the coldest. I usually go with three layers on top and three layers on bottom not counting my socks, gloves, face guard, etc. I am always freezing cold though so you may not need that many. It’s definitely worth it to make sure you pack more than enough layers regardless. While you can definitely buy stuff when you get there, you’ll probably pay a price for it! I can usually fit most of this in my snowboard bag which is really helpful. I just ordered this really cute board bag!

What I pack for snowboarding:

  1. Ski Jacket
  2. Sportsbras
  3. Base Layer Top
  4. 1/2 Zip Tops
  5. Snow Pants
  6. Ankle Length Yoga Leggings
  7. Base Layer Bottoms
  8. Warm Ski Socks
  9. Glove liners
  10. Mittens
  11. Head and Neck Mask
  12. Neck Gaiter
  13. Helmet
  14. Goggles
  15. Hand & Toe warmers
  16. Snowboard Boots
  17. Snowboard

How I layer on Top

I always wear a sports bra when I snowboard because it’s so much more comfortable. The next layer I go with is a long underwear base layer top. My mom just got me these for Christmas and said they are incredibly warm. I can’t wait to try them out. Then I throw on a tight fitting 1/2 zip that will keep the heat in. I usually wear these Lululemon ones. Then I put on my jacket. This jacket probably looks really thin but its incredibly warm and allows you to layer a lot and not feel bulky.

How I layer on Bottom

I always start with a pair of leggings, usually just some kind of ankle length yoga leggings. Then I put on my socks so they go over my yoga pants. Then I put on base layer bottoms that goes over my socks. Then I put my snow pants on. Putting your socks over just the yoga pants helps to keep everything from getting super bunched up in your boots and you can easily adjust if you need to.

Additional Layers

This was the area I was lacking in last year. If you’re skiing several days I found its really helpful to have a couple different head and neck masks/gaiters that you can choose from depending on the temperature and amount of wind. The full head and neck mask is great because if you get hot you can just take the head part off and stuff it into your jacket but you’ll still have the neck gaiter if you want it. I usually prefer a fleece gaiter for my neck and lower face thats a little warmer so if its really cold and windy I go with both.

As far as gloves go. I prefer glove liners with mittens. I think this is the best combination to keep your fingers warm. Mittens are actually technically much better at keeping all your fingers warm than gloves. They trap body heat by keeping your fingers together and reducing evaporative heat loss. The glove liners will keep your hands protected from the cold if you need to take your mittens off to use your fingers and they add extra warmth.

I always wear a helmet and goggles as well. I learned the importance of having a really good pair of googles last year. I was using an  old pair that kept fogging up and letting wind in. I lost my contacts and was having a really hard time seeing so I bought this pair that made a HUGE difference.

Also, this year I remembered to get some hand and foot warmers ahead of time. I got a 10 pack (with 2 per pack) for $6! At the mountain last year I think a 2 pack was $2.50. These are definitely worth buying ahead of time!

Apres Ski Packing List

This part is just as important. There’s nothing better than putting on a fresh pair of loose comfy sweats after a long exhausting day of skiing. I definitely didn’t pack enough comfy stuff to Apres ski in last year so this year I’m packing with comfort in mind.

What I pack for Apres Ski

Lounging After Skiing 

Last year I just remember how badly I wanted to take off all the tight layers and my snowboard boots the second I got off the slopes so having some soft and maybe even loose fitting pieces to put on right when you’re done skiing is helpful! I love a casual pair of cotton Joggers or my Lululemon Naked pants – if you don’t have a pair of these, they are a must, they are SO comfortable! I also bring some really loose fitting t-shirts, oversized cardigans and I’ll probably steal one of Ryan’s hoodies to hang out in. I’m also definitely going to bring a pair of slippers this year to help my poor, tired feet.

Going out to Dinner 

Ski Towns are always pretty casual so there’s really no need to bring any fancy tops. Plus, after a long day of skiing you’ll just want to be comfortable. That doesn’t mean you can’t still look cute though. I’m bringing some cozy sweaters – I can’t wait to wear this one – and a vest that I can layer over a simple long sleeve. I never bring any jewelry but definitely bring some beanies and scarves to accessorize with.

As far as shoes go, it’s nice to have sneakers and a pair of snow boots. Snow boots are probably the most practical option but if it’s not super snowy around town, you’ll probably want to wear something other than boots for a few hours if you can.

Hopefully this was helpful! If I forget anything on my trip this year I’ll be sure to add it to this post for future reference! If you’re reading this and getting ready for a ski trip, have fun and be safe!!

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