How to Pick Out a Work Outfit in 5 Minutes


Some of the feedback I’ve received from friends is that there’s not enough content out there about work clothes so I’m planning to share more business casual looks that you can wear to the office like this one! Today I thought I’d share my routine for picking out my outfit each morning. Somehow, I always only leave myself about 5 minutes to pick out an outfit so I’ve gotten my routine down to a science so I don’t end up with clothes all over my floor!

Step 1: Check the weather & calendar

The first thing I do when I wake up is check the weather and my calendar of everything I have going on that day. These are the two biggest factors that help me decide what I’m going to wear. Usually I start by deciding if I want to wear pants, a skirt or a dress.

Step 2: Think ahead

While I’m flossing and bushing my teeth I scan my closet and look for pieces that I haven’t worn in a while or I think about outfits that I’ve recently seen on Instagram or worn by my fave bloggers that I want to try.

Step 3: Start with one piece: 

I always start with just ONE piece – usually bottoms.

Step 4: Stick to it

Once I’ve decided on what that ONE piece is going to be I commit to wearing it, no changing my mind. If you start to go back and forth between pants and a skirt or a dress that’s when the closet tornado of clothes starts.

Step 5: Focus on colors & tones

After that I just focus on what pieces I have in my close that incorporate the same colors or tones that go with that one piece. I think it’s the easiest way to find something that matches. If you start with a light grey skirt, pull a few different tops that incorporate similar tones, ie. pastels and muted blues, greens, pinks, etc. Then start trying them on to see what style works best with the silhouette of the skirt.

Step 6:One layer at a time 

Going back to step #3, stick to ONE piece or layer at a time don’t try to decide which sweater goes with what top and skirt all at once. After you’ve picked your top then you can decide if you’ll need another layer. Remember you don’t always have to add a layer on top, you can always add a layer underneath if you don’t have a cardi or jacket to match.

Step 7: Simple accessories/shoes:

If you have time for accessories just keep it simple. For jewelry, I stick to a statement necklace or earrings. Since shoes can make or break an outfit, I think it’s worth it to invest in a basic, comfortable pair of nude and black flats and heels to make it super easy to put together that last part of your look!

I’ve you’d like to make getting ready really easy and just recreate this look I’ve linked some similar sweater and skirt styles below.

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