Quick Tip: How to Dress Up your Oversized Sweater for the Office

With the polar vortex hitting Chicago as early as tonight, I REALLY hope your job/school is giving you the option to work from home like mine is. If you don’t have that option and plan to be outside for any given amount of time, it is SO important that you bundle up as much as possible! I know it can be tough to find a super warm office appropriate outfit, so I wanted to share my quick tip for making your warmest, oversized sweater look a little more office appropriate.

The first thing I suggest is layering a crisp white collared button down or an off white collared blouse underneath your sweater. This instantly takes your oversized sweater from weekend lounge wear to sophisticated work wear. It also adds extra warmth and keeps your sweater from feeling itchy all day.

If your sweater is long and baggy like mine, pair it with simple, black leggings that won’t add any extra bagginess to your bottom half. Keep the look sleek and simple by going with a black pair of shoes. OTK boots would be warmest, but if you don’t feel those are appropriate for your office, bring a pair of black flats or pumps to change in to and that will make the look even more sophisticated.

If your sweater is short and boxy, leave the blouse to hang out underneath and create a chic layered look (just make sure that blouse is ironed well!) In this case, I suggest going with a pair of slim black work pants and flats.

Hope these quick tips help to keep you super warm tomorrow and the rest of the week/winter!


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