How your Sense of Style can help to define your Sense of Self

Dress | Shoes | Bag – similar | Necklace

One of the things I’ve learned since joining the blogger world is the importance of finding your own sense of style and staying true to that. I think defining your own unique style goes beyond fashion and how you dress on a daily basis its about self expression. Over the years, I’ve admired and followed countless bloggers and style icons (and still do), however, I feel like it got to the point where I was being influenced by so many different social media stars that I no longer had my own style. One day I wanted to be rocker chic and the next day I wanted to be the preppy girly girl. As pathetic as it sounds, I feel like I even started to get confused about who I wanted to be as a person. Fashion has always been a huge source of self expression for me so when I started to alter my style to emulate 10-20 different women, I kind of lost sight of who I was/wanted to be in general.

Since starting The Lovely Lo Down I have been able to reestablish my own unique sense of style. Doing so has helped me redefine who I am as a person and be OK with that. I have a side of me that’s pretty tough and a little rough around the edges and another side of me that’s very sensitive, delicate and even a little (ok, a lot) dramatic. I feel like this look kind of sums that up…the only thing I feel that’s  missing is a bow mixed in there somewhere 🙂

Anyways, this may seem silly coming from me now that I have a blog of my own, but I feel like its important for me to say that my goal is not to influence anyone to be something or someone different. My hope is to inspire others to find things they feel good in by educating people on the cool new trends, products and brands that are out there. If you feel like you’ve become so overwhelmed by all of the different social media influences out there like I have, find something in your closet that screams YOU and think about why it does. I think people forget what a true sense of self expression your own personal style is. This is why its so important it is to stay true to yourself even in the smallest, simplest ways like how you choose to dress.

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