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Seven Cozy Must Haves To Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

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It was FREEZING in my apartment last night and I can’t figure out what is going on with the heat. I was bundled up in about 15 layers all night and morning so I figured it would be a good time  to share a few of my cozy winter must haves that will keep you warm all winter long – even if your heat is acting up like mine.

Cozy Robe

I can’t live without my cozy robe. When I get home from work at night or out of the shower in the morning I put my cozy robe on right away. This isn’t the exact one I have but its super similar. Mine is actually much shorter than this but I wish it was longer like this one. Although its a bit pricey its totally worth it especially for hibernation season. Its also a great gift idea.


Another item that I put on as soon as I get home from work are my slippers. My feet are always cold because I have terrible circulation so I always have them on. I actually think I have about 7 or 8 pairs. I don’t have these but they are on my wish list. I’m in love with this berry color and that pretty blush pink fur.

Sherpa Sweater

My sisters got these last year for Christmas and I was SO jealous. The college kids always know whats cool so I trust them. If you’re not into robes or love your robe so much you would wear it anywhere like me then you need this. Its literally the coziest sweater in the world. Its also reversible and comes in a bunch of cute color combos.

Fuzzy Socks

Like I said my feet are always freezing so along with my 7 pairs of slippers I also have tons of fuzzy socks on hand. I don’t love wearing my slippers when I’m cozied up under a blanket so I usually put on a pair of these instead.

Hand Warmers

This might seem a little extreme but if you have bad circulation like me, I love having little hand warmers to wear around the house if I’m really really cold. They’re also great for the commute – they keep your fingers free to text or do whatever you need to do. I think these are much easier than the iphone gloves or the finger-less gloves.  These pink ruffle ones are also just so cute.

Pom Pom Hat

Ok I probably wouldn’t go as far as wearing this in the house – but I just got this hat and think its the cutest thing ever. I’m obsessed with the colors and oversize pom pom. Its also only $26 which is a steal!


I can’t stop wearing these leggings – at this point I should probably just go back and buy a pair for every day of the week. They are so so soft and keep me super warm. They come in this pretty burgundy color as well as dark and light grey.


Hope you are all staying warm!


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