Shoppping in the Suburbs

Top | Jeans | Boots – This Year | Boots – Last Year on Sale

This look is from last weekend when I was back in the burbs to see my little sister Elizabeth who was home from college for a few days. I was in much need of some family time so it was great to see her and be home. I also love going shopping in the burbs. I feel like its so much easier and the stores are way less crowded than in the city. I actually bought this shirt on Saturday and wore it out to dinner with my family that night. Don’t you love it when you find something that you love so much you have to wear it that same day!? The best part is that this top is currently on sale for under $70. Also, these boots are my FAVORITE from last season and luckily they brought this same style back this year. I also found last year’s style on sale for around $100 – those are linked below. They are a really wide calf which I love because it gives them that slouchy look.

 Honestly, although I love the city there are times when I feel like I’m so ready to move away from it all the craziness. I love the peace and quite of the suburbs and just feel like everything is so much more relaxed. I hate that even when I’m not in a rush I feel like I am because everyone around me in the city is.  After being in the burbs and slowing things down a bit, I realized that I really need to work on being more self-aware and mindful of when I’m moving too fast and trying to do too many things at once or pack way too much into my day. Does anyone else feel that they need to do the same??


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