Simplifying My Make Up Routine with Tula

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Robe // Blurring & Moisturizing Primer // Rose Glow & Get it Eye Balm

This year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to start wearing less make up and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Quarantine has allowed me to focus more on skincare, wear a lot less make up & and love the skin I’m in. I wanted to share two TULA skincare products that are an essential part of my daily skincare & make up routine which have helped me feel a lot more comfortable with a lot less make up.

The first TULA product that I always start my make up routine with is the blurring & moisturizing primer. I’ve always had a hard time finding a good primer that doesn’t clog my pores and make my skin break out. Tula’s is so light weight and silky and exactly as the name describes it – a perfect balance between a moisturizer & primer! If you aren’t using a primer or can’t find one you like, TULA’s blurring & moisturizing primer make a world of difference when it comes to putting on your make up and actually helps me wear a lot less make up. I was having issues with my foundation separating on my forehead which made it look like it was super dry, cakey and cracked despite how much I moisturized. This lead me too keep layering more and more foundation and powder on. Now with this primer, I just use a bit of simple cc cream and somedays I don’t wear any anything at all. On those days, I still wear this primer because it just leaves you with a really pretty fresh glow!

Speaking of fresh glow, the second TULA product that I always end my make up routine with is TULA’s rose glow & get it cooling and brightening eye balm! If you follow along on Instagram you may have heard me rave about it in my stories the other day. For those of you who haven’t heard about this product, it’s a must no matter what kind of make up you do or don’t wear. The cooling and brightening eye balm is the perfect finishing touch to give your under eye area a bright glow! Like all TULA products it’s made with an amazing combination of hydrating probiotics and superfoods that re-energize your look and helps you feel awake. I automatically put this under my eyes when I first do my make up in the morning but it’s one of the few make up products I carry with me to reapply throughout the day. I also love throwing it on even on make up free days to help with dark circles and re-energize my under-eye. If you don’t like the finish of the rose glow & get it eye balm, they have two others, the original glow & get it eye balm and the newest glow hour brightening & neutralizing eye balm in partnership with Courtney Shields which I’m dying to try!

These are just two of the TULA products that I use. In general, I love TULA because they are an amazing brand that focuses on being healthy, not perfect, empowering women to feel confident in the skin they’re in. I use several other TULA products in my everyday skincare routine that I’ll be sharing  in the future. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out their brightening eye balms and primer! You can use my code LOVELYLODOWN for 15% off your order!

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