At Home

Taking One Day at a Time

Dress // Faux Tree // Basket

How is your week going?! Mine has already been full of ups and downs. Yesterday felt pretty rough but I’m in much better spirits today.  With so much uncertainty about how long the shelter-in-place orders will remain in effect, it’s far too frustrating to think about or plan for the future. Slowly but surely I’m learning the importance of taking one day at a time.

As someone who is always thinking “what’s next” or “what if” I’m realizing how unproductive that mindset is – even in a world where there isn’t the kind of uncertainty we’re dealing with right now. It has showed me how much I really need to work on being present, living in the moment and appreciating the simple things because right now that’s really the only thing we can do to keep our spirits high.

It’s such a beautiful day here in Chicago today so as I’m trying to enjoy the simple things, I decided to get dressed up in a new spring sundress that I’ve been dying to wear. Even though I’m just sitting at my desk working it felt good to embrace the most beautiful day we’ve had all year and not treat it as “just another day in quarantine”. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck try taking things one day at a time and to find something as simple as the sun to appreciate each day.

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