The Best Fur Vest

Blouse (Different but similar and cuter) | Vest (On Sale for under $100!) | Jeans | Boots

When I saw this burgundy fur vest at J.Crew about 4 months ago (when it was still 900 degrees outside) I knew I had to have it right away. I love fur vests – they are such a cozy and comfortable way to dress up an outfit. Anyways, when I checked out the price tag I was expecting to be sticker shocked assuming it would be around $300. I mean come on a fur vest from J.Crew…. NOPE! Only $128 and that day they were running a 30% off your purchase promo so I got it for under $100.
This is when I really started to notice how much J.Crew has been making effort to become more affordable. If you’re J.Crew obsessed like me, this isn’t new news to you, but if you’ve shied away from J.Crew in the past few years this is a PSA to let you know that they are definitely worth taking a look at again. I’ve always admired the fact that J.Crew does not sacrifice quality for a low price point but I definitely felt that their prices were getting a bit ridiculous. Anyways, the reason I started with this whole rant to begin with is to let you know that this gorgeous vest is now on sale for $90. J.Crew is also currently running a 5 ways to save promo – I’ve listed those 5 ways out for you below. This is my all time favorite time to shop at J.Crew they always have such amazing holiday pieces which I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of on the blog this winter!
5 Ways to Save Sale 
 25% off coats and boots – get em’ before the snow hits!
30% off sweaters – cozy up this weekend 🙂
40% off women’s tops – get ready for holiday parties
Up to 70% off original pieces on sale
15% off your purchase of $175 or more
This promo is running through November 3 so you still have a few more days to shop!

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