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How to Combat the Winter Blues


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It’s that time of year when the winter blues start to set in. I can definitely tell that I’ve had the case of the winter blues these past few weeks, especially after the 12 days of zero sunshine we had here in Chicago. Thankfully the sun is back out now, but I’m still not feeling 100% like myself. Since I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way, I wanted to share a few things that I make a point to do to when I notice that the winter blues are getting the best of me.

1. Take a Bath: Baths are one of my all time favorite ways to relax and boost my mood. I love lighting a candle and putting on my favorite Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra playlist and zoning out. I always fill my baths with this eucalyptus bubble bath and epsom salts. Since I typically take a bath at the end of the day my go to is the Epson Sleep Formula salts. I honestly can’t even begin to explain how relaxed these make me. I literally feel like I’m in a trance.

2. Use a Light Therapy Lamp: This is something I personally haven’t tried but I’ve heard great things. I’m thinking about buying myself this lamp to help get me through the next couple of months! I like that this one is portable – its a great option to have at the office!

3. Sip on a Yogi Tea: Yogi Teas are one of my favorite brands because they have a flavor for literally any mood or ailment you’re trying to fix. I recently found this “Positive Energy” one that I like to sip on after lunch if I’m feeling a little mid-day slump coming on. Its an energizing flavor that elevates your mood and energy levels. I also love Yogi Teas because each bag comes with an inspirational message which is perfect for when you need a pick me up!

4. Buy Bright Flowers: After the holidays my house always feels so plain and sad and it’s also usually when the dark grey days take over. I always make a point to buy fresh flowers when I’m at the grocery store especially during these dark, dreary months. I love tulips because they are inexpensive and usually come in so many different bright color options! I just picked up a cute little pot of tulips at Target today actually! Trader Joes and Costco also always have really great inexpensive flowers. If you don’t want to deal with buying fresh flowers every week they make some really great faux flowers now a days! These are perfect for your nightstand, desk or in your kitchen!

5. Take your Vitamin D: I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before but it’s definitely important to take Vitamin D. I never really thought you could actually be Vitamin D deficient but last year I did test for really low levels of Vitamin D in the winter months so I always make sure I’m taking my vitamins!

6. Set a Daily Affirmation: I know it sounds cheesy but I love daily quote cards to help me set an affirmation for each day. I have a few different sets of affirmation cards and love randomly picking one every morning, especially on days when I’m feeling really unmotivated. The cool thing about it is that I always seem to pick a card with a message that is exactly what I need to hear.

7. Get moving: This is something I’ve really been trying to focus on because I’ve been having such a hard time feeling motivated to work out or do anything but I think my lack of working out is part of the problem! I’ve been so tired lately but what I’ve found is that when I push myself to get a workout in I actually end up feeling more energized and ready to go. I have this Yoga Mat set up in my basement so I can get quick workouts in each morning. Also, cabin fever is REAL so be sure that you’re getting out of the house, even if it’s just for a quick walk around the block a little fresh air can really help.

8. Have an at home Spa Day: Every few weeks I pick a day to do an at home head to toe spa day. I take off all my nail polish, do face and hair masks, clean my make up brushes, all of it! I usually do it on Sundays ahead of a busy week to help me feel really refreshed and ready to go. It is always a great way to get me feeling refreshed and reenergized. I particularly love this face mask brand. Since it’s the winter I’m super focused on hydration but you can buy a pack of all different kinds to have on hand!

9. Eat Chocolate: According to this Oprah Magazine article, dark chocolate is good for you and it actually reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Quinoa is said to be filled with flavonoids (a group of plant chemicals) that are said to have a calming effect so, dark chocolate with a quinoa crunch gives you a double dose of calm. This HU brand of Chocolate is SO good – its a little pricey but Ryan and I treat ourselves to it every night.

10: Read or Listen so a Self Help Book: I love self-help/motivational books to get me out of a rut. I actually prefer listening to them because they are so much more impactful when you hear someone else saying the words to you out-loud. Girl Wash your Face was the first one I had ever read or listened to and it’s still probably my all time favorite – It honestly changed my life. I also recently listened to You Are A Bad Ass – I wouldn’t say it was life changing but it has some really great advice and reminders that we all need to hear especially when we’ve got the case of the winter blues.

I hope these help! I’d love to hear what you do to combat the winter blues – comment below!


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