Welcome To The New Lovely Lo Down!

Welcome to The Lovely Lo Down’s new and improved website! I am so excited about the new direction and plans that I have for The Lovely Lo Down. First and foremost, I wanted to thank those of you who are reading this post. I know there are SO many similar websites and blogs out there, so I appreciate you taking the time to visit mine!

Last weekend, I posted a new bio on my old site and it unfortunately it didn’t fit on my new “About Me” page layout (typical poor planning on my part/I tend to get a little carried away on my word count). I’ll get it back up as soon as I learn how my new site works. In the meantime, I’m going to try to reiterate what I said here for those of you who didn’t get a chance to read it. This should give you a little bit more insight on why I started The Lovely Lo Down and why I’m FINALLY ready to make this site into what I intended it to be.

I started The Lovely Lo Down during a time in my life when I was having a full-blown anxiety attack on my bathroom floor every morning before I went to work. I didn’t know who I wanted to be, what I was good at (if anything) and what my purpose on this earth was. I went on for about a month letting those pesky thoughts take over my brain. Finally, one day, with a hand from my amazing sisters and incredible fiancé, I got up off that bathroom floor and decided I was NEVER letting myself or my life get that low again. So, I started to write about things that made me happy.

I started the Lovely Lo Down to force myself to focus on fun, positive things I love and to share tips and tricks I was learning that helped me manage the incredibly stressful, pressure filled world we live in. While I still have my fair share of anxiety attacks, days that I cry for no reason, bouts of depression and extreme stress, I’ve gotten so much better at seeing the brighter side of life thanks to The Lovely Lo Down and a few special people in my life.

I started out by posting what I know and love best, fashion. However, my intention was always to make The Lovely Lo Down into something so much more than that (once I got my own shit figured out)!  While I am the farthest thing from an expert on living a lovely life, I am determined to find all the things that might help make life a little “lovelier”.

I also hope to be a little more real and truthful with all of you about the not so fabulous things that I deal with like acne, eczema, digestion/stomach issues, etc (raise your hand if you deal with one or all of those things.) For example, the real reason I love wide legged pants so much is not because they are chic and fabulous and in-style right now. Its because I’ve been dealing with a rash on my leg for the past 4 months and cant bare to spend an entire day in jeans.

Anyways, enough of the gross stuff for now and back to the lovely. According to the dictionary, the word “Lovely” means “delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace.” My goal is to make The Lovely Lo Down a place that you come to help find beauty, harmony or grace in situations that make life crazy and chaotic. Whether it be tips on how to organize your pantry, pants that are a little more comfortable when you have a rash or razor burn, a quick and easy make up routine when you wake up 20 minutes before a meeting starts or ways to gain some control over the chaotic thoughts in your head, I hope The Lovely Lo Down becomes the place you can turn to.

Like my life, this new direction is still a huge work in progress so don’t expect me to bust out of the gates with any incredible wisdom. However, I wanted to start out with a fresh new look that will make it easier for me to organize and share what I’m learning and all I hope is that along the way, I can help make an impact on your day in some way. #thelovelylife

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Lovely Lo Down!

  1. So increDibly happy for you Lauren! You are going to do amazing things and i cant wait to see and hear what they are!

  2. Lauren,

    Reading this made my heart happy. I’ve followed you for a while (a fellow midwesterner – I used to live in the Chi burbs) and I love this other side you’ve let us in on. I too struggle with some of the things you mentioned and love you opened up about it 🙂

    Thinking of you and ready and excited for the next chapters for you!

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