Why Petite Girls Should Own Flare Jeans


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I have always loved being short but at times I’m super envious of women who have extra long lean legs that look great in any style of pants. As a shorter girl with somewhat muscular legs, I have always been pretty self conscious about the kind of pants I wear which is why you’ll usually find me in a dress or skirt. The number one style of pants that I feel my best in is a pair of flares. I have  a few pairs but am currently obsessed with these jeans that I’m wearing in today’s post. I truly believe that every petite woman should give flare jeans a try, especially if you have a more muscular legs like me. They are are so chic and super easy to style too!

Before you go buy a pair, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The only downside to flare jeans is that you must wear them with heels. Otherwise, you are going to get the opposite effect and look incredibly short. The point of flare jeans is to hide that extra height you get from the heels. This creates an illusion that your legs are extra long. It might be a good idea to bring a pair of heels or wear some heeled booties if you’re shopping for flares. The hem of the pants should barley brush the floor. You also don’t want them too long or again it will ruin the illusion and make you look super short. If you find a pair you love but they are too long with the heels you want to wear its wort it to get them hemmed.
  2. Good news is, you don’t have to wear stilettos. In today’s post I’m wearing super comfortable heeled booties. Just make sure the booties aren’t so bulky that they add extra volume to the flare.
  3. Opt for darker wash styles for an even more slimming look. Everyone knows that black is incredibly slimming. This is still the case when it comes to flares. I suggest sticking with darker washes. I wouldn’t go any lighter than the style I’m wearing in this post.
  4. Another reason I really love these flares in particular is that they have a seam down the middle. Any kind of vertical detail on pants draws the eyes up and down which is another way to make your legs look longer so I’m getting a double wammy with these jeans.

As far as what you can wear on top, really anything goes! I love wearing flare jeans with a simple sweater in the winter for a chic Olivia Palermo look or a printed tank in the summer for a little more of a boho vibe.

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