Work From Home Outfit + Career Update

One/Third Jacket // Sweater // Boyfriend Jeans

Today, I wanted to share a little bit more about where I’m at in my career + where I’m headed because I realized I never really mentioned that I am now officially blogging full time! This change actually happened wayy back in June right before Ryan and I got married. I worked in PR & Marketing for about 5 years. I got to be involved in so many amazing projects and learned from some really incredible people! I still love Marketing, and may go back to the corporate world someday, but I’ve always wanted to own my own company and I just had a gut feeling that it was time for me to give that dream a shot.

I haven’t really felt like a full time blogger until recently which is part of the reason I haven’t mentioned it. The past six months have been so crazy and it’s taken me some time to settle into married life, our new home in the suburbs and my new role as a full time blogger. I also spent a lot of time re-thinking my direction, getting organized and educating myself on different areas that interest me. While I’m definitely still very much in that phase, I feel much more confident about where I’m heading and the direction I want to go from there. I don’t want to share too much more because my ideas are still very much ideas right now but I can tell you for sure is that there is so much that I want to accomplish and The Lovely Lo Down is not my end all be all career. Don’t worry The Lovely Lo Down won’t be going anywhere!

I also finally have a solid routine down which was one of the hardest things I had to figure out during the past six months. I had maybe 5 work from home days during my time in the corporate world so it was a big change for me. When I started to work from home, it was much harder than I thought it would be to stick to one solid routine (throwing in a move to a new town didn’t help). One of the things that keeps me focused on my work between 9 and 5 is getting dressed and ready as if I was going into an office. Although I do give myself a slightly looser dress code (ie. ripped jeans) I still make an effort to dress professionally everyday. I’ve found some really great brands and pieces that make it so easy to give my comfy work from home outfits a professional edge – one of which I’m wearing today. I recently discovered a new jacket brand called One/Third. They make jackets that are intended to be your go-to third piece. Their jackets, like the white tweed one I’m wearing, are super comfortable, chic and neutral so they go with literally anything. And, as you can see here, their jackets instantly dress up your look! They have a few other styles that you can check out here their moto jacket is perfect for weekend wear and this boyfriend tweed blazer is very on trend!



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